I love this Kimme Winters necklace which I found it at boutique Fortyfiveten. The blue beads, the cross, and the Buddha pendant-these elements make this necklace is interesting. Yes, I thought about giving it a nickname: Diversity, Undecided, Indecision or “Living Buddha, Living Christ” by Thich Nhat Hanh. What would you name it?
I paired it with a vintage ram necklace. Jcrew shirt, Isabel Marant fall 2010 pants.

Here, my first Kimme Winters Buddha necklace was years ago. I noticed that Kimme’s necklaces incorporate unusual artifacts and mixes them with a variety of pendants such as: Buddha, cross, charm of Mary, medallions, heart charm..ect…and beads which make her necklaces are different. Miu Miu shoes.Thank you everyone for visiting and comments! Wish you a wonderful day ahead! Hugs…Hanh :)

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33 thoughts on “Diversity

  1. What an unusual way to combine to religions in one necklace, though it looks good I must say!
    These shoes are killer, and the jeans are super cute on you.

  2. Good morning everyone,
    I hope you're doing well. and have a lovely day!

    Hi Fatiha,
    The shoes actually very comfy because of their platform. I walked on them for hours the other day and had no problem :)


  3. the blue coloir is amazing and I love Hanna Berhnards pieces. Just amazing. I trying not to buy a Dreis Van Noten coat with beautiful, stunning colours and fur cuffs with a matching pair of silver heels with gold toe, but as soon as I poop into your blog – I just think I need to own them. We share the same wanting for beautiful things and treat them as arts.

    See you
    /Stina in snowy Sweden

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