Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone!! Enjoy your lovely time with your family and your loved ones. Let your heart dance and cherish the moments!! xoxo Hanh,

Holiday Spirit

Wow!! Just about one more week until Christmas, and the next thing you know it’s a new year, 2011. It’s so true that time goes by faster with each passing year. Time is flying, especially December. It’s a busy month. Yet, I can feel the tension from the people that surround me who still have a lot to do that needs to be done for holiday. In the mean time, it’s also an exciting month with all the holiday music, holiday lights, shopping, holiday parties…, special nights out with your friends, family, and loved ones…And I know that many people are ready for the holiday. I would like to share with you some artistic angles of Holiday Spirit from professional photographer Quoc Cong at XO Photograpy. It’s so festive! His photos are always beautiful!
Let’s see what designer brands we should have for tonight! Maybe Comme des Garcons…or Christopher Kane for Topshop…oh! How about NhaKhanh at

Yeah! Music is ready.

Aha!! Goose…Party is on!

Hello drinks!!!….over here please! :)

Cheer*** for the moment!!!Cheer***for the night!

Let’s make friends!!!

more…drinks, please!…Oh! Yeah! Let’s party hard :o)
Oh! Let’s not forget do some shopping while we’re at the party!


Look at that! some fabulous ladies!!

hehe…and me…wearing Nhakhanh long sleeved mesh top under Christopher Kane mirrored bodysuit, Comme des Garcons sheer skirt, and Alaia hiking heeled boots.

Peace is the gentle dove. Peace is caring. Peace is sharing. Peace is filling the world with love!
The dove bracelet and ring from Sue Gragg Precious Jewels.

Friendship: Nini and I.

Friendship: NhaKhanh and Nini.

Expressing some love to friends…Holiday kisses!!!

Good bye!! Ready for another party!! Don’t be late! Drive safe!! See you at the next party!!xoxo

I hope you all have had a wonderful December so far!!Have a lovely day ahead!!! Big hugs…Hanh :)

Ideas for Holiday Gifts from Prada

Hi everyone,
I hope you’re doing well. And how is your Christmas shopping coming? December is an exciting month but a busy month; busy with Xmas parties at work, at school, with friends, family, and especially with all the Xmas shopping. It could be stressful sometimes to find a perfect gift for your family and your loved ones. Here are some ideas from Prada. They are available at Prada boutiques.

I love these ideas. They are so adorable. You could use it as a keychain or to clip on your clutch, handbag, backpack…I have chosen two of my favorites: the pink bear and the girl with two curly ponytails in the dark blue dress. Which one is your favorite?
Thank you everyone for visiting and comments! Wish you a wonderful day and good luck with your Christmas shopping! Hugs…Hanh :)

The Trip to Disneyland

Is there anyone that doesn’t have fun at Disneyland? We always have fun every time we go, doesn’t matter if my kids are toddlers or they are 7 and 9 years old, as they are now. There are a few rides that used to scare me, but this time I seemed to handle them well. It’s probably because I’ve been on and off the rides so many times.

Walking to Downtown Disney at night is a fun thing to do. There are so many restaurants, coffee shops, snack shops, and especially toy shops for tourists to enjoy.
Here are my kids and my young nephew with Goofy.

Mickey hats from Disney store at Downtown Disneyland.
There are also many fun shops at Main Street in Disneyland that kids enjoy, especially the Magic store.

“It’s a small world” is the happiest boat cruise ever. It’s for toddlers and small kids. But if you want to ride on, I will tell you it really cheers you up. It’s so fascinating with all the lights, dolls, decorations, music…Along with another ride such as Tea Cup, Peter Pan..All are located at Fantasyland where the kids can see Princesses.
My little one and my cutest grandniece . LOL..I’m old :)…They were on board for “It’s a small world” ride.

Here is a picture inside the ride.

Another awesome ride is Space Mountain at Tomorrowland. Your rocket will take you into a dark space and you may become a little dizzy (don’t tell my kids…I closed my eyes), but this ride is fun. Yes, you have to be brave for this ride. There is a health warning before you get on the ride. It’s for 40″ height and up.
I always love the architecture of New Orleans Square where you can visit the ghostly residents of the Haunted Mansion and then join the Pirates of the Caribbean. These two are some of my kids’ favorite rides.
Here’s the picture I took when we were all stuck in the Haunted Mansion because it stopped working…Aaaah!

I love the surprising end of the ride “Indiana Jones” where you enter a lost temple and delve into dark jungle with mystery and imagination at Adventureland.

Everyone loves theSplash Mountain ride. On board!!! Ready!!! Zip-a-dee-do-dah!!! and aaahh..everyone gets wet. That’s part of the fun. It is a classic ride and a picture is taken at the end when it splashes. I held on tight :(…at least, I opened my eyes. The ride is located at Critter Country.
Another fun ride in Frontierland; Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is one of our favorite rides.
It is a shame: We went to Disneyland about 4 times now, but we just made it to Mickey’s Toontown once. Why? Maybe we ran out of time or my kids were not interested… They offer many choices for ticket: one day pass, 2 days pass or 3 days pass in case you want to spend more than one day there.
Whenever we are at Disneyland, we always manage not to miss the Disney Parade show. It’s a fun, cheerful parade for everyone. There are 2 parades per day; one in the afternoon and one at dusk. There are more twinkly lights at the one at dusk and you gotta love that!
Talk about not to missing any show at Disneyland; the fireworks show and Fantasmic show are never to be missed. To me, fireworks at Disneyland are the best. The best view to see it is if you stand in front of the Sleeping Beauty castle. My advice is to see the fireworks show first. Then, you move on to the Rivers of America for the Fantasmic show at 10:15pm if you can stay that late, because you can enjoy a full view of fireworks and there are less people at the Fantasmic show at 10:15pm. Fantasmic show is conducted by Mickey. He takes you through a high-resolution digital film sequence, from the film Fantasia, as they are projected onto enormous screens of water. It’s an incredible show and I have to say it loud “I LOVE IT”
Here is one of fireworks pics.

Although, I’m not sure if you all enjoy Disneyland in California, but I’m sure you would.

I have been waiting for my kids to be big enough to go to Disneyworld in Florida, because there are more fun rides for bigger kids there (that what I heard). I hope you enjoy this post and hope it recalls your childhood time when you were so young to have no fear for those rides :0) Big hugs…Hanh :)
ps: pictures were taken from my Iphone (forgot my camera at home). Oh! I just found down that early September is the best time to visit Disneyland in CA because of less tourists and perfect weather.

The Woods Trunk Show at Fortyfiveten

Meeting The Woods sisters: Shawn and Samantha at their trunk show at boutique 4510 this past weekend was wonderful. They are very sweet and kind. About the trunk show…it was incredible amazing. There were so many extraordinary beautiful pieces, they were to die for. Here are some:

I love their creative idea. They use a lobster claw clasp for attaching pendents to the chain.

Some kind of stone with antler attaching.

I love this fat happy Buddha face :)

Flame it up.

The picture doesn’t do it justice. Octopus.

They told me that the metal king pendent is an antique that they found somewhere in Asia. I totally forgot where exactly. Wow! looks like I need DHA or some kind of brain booster vitamins..LOL... Anyway, it looks Thai to me.

Another angle of this pendent.

Big thank you to The Woods sisters for allowing me to take these pictures! and also thank you so much for the little gifts to my kids. The kids adore them :)
Thank you everyone for visiting and comments! I hope you have a wonderful day! Big hugs…Hanh :)
Ps: more about The Woods, click here.

Chocolate Secrets

If you are in the Dallas area and you crave good chocolate, I mean deliciously good ones like the famous Belgian chocolate, then you should stop by the Chocolate Secrets store on 3926 Oak Lawn.Kate Graver, a 24 year old, looks to everything from Jackson Pollock paintings to flowers for inspiration and transforms that into her chocolate. Each one is a bite-sized work of art, individually molded, and airbrushed. Each bite is delicious and melts in your mouth. It comes with different flavors, such as sea salt/caramel, spice pumpkin, lavender dark chocolate…my favorites are espresso dark chocolate, and rum dark chocolate.

These heart shapes are perfect for a gift for your loved ones or for a valentine.

The assorted box is a perfect gift for Christmas.

I LOVE dark chocolate! Bittersweet 75% cacao dark chocolate is good for your heart and Yumm!!!… How about you? Do you like dark or white chocolate?
Big hugs…Hanh :)
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