Chocolate Secrets

If you are in the Dallas area and you crave good chocolate, I mean deliciously good ones like the famous Belgian chocolate, then you should stop by the Chocolate Secrets store on 3926 Oak Lawn.Kate Graver, a 24 year old, looks to everything from Jackson Pollock paintings to flowers for inspiration and transforms that into her chocolate. Each one is a bite-sized work of art, individually molded, and airbrushed. Each bite is delicious and melts in your mouth. It comes with different flavors, such as sea salt/caramel, spice pumpkin, lavender dark chocolate…my favorites are espresso dark chocolate, and rum dark chocolate.

These heart shapes are perfect for a gift for your loved ones or for a valentine.

The assorted box is a perfect gift for Christmas.

I LOVE dark chocolate! Bittersweet 75% cacao dark chocolate is good for your heart and Yumm!!!… How about you? Do you like dark or white chocolate?
Big hugs…Hanh :)
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28 thoughts on “Chocolate Secrets

  1. I love dark chocolate too :) it's the only kind I like. I've grown to appreciate the bitter flavor of fine cocoa. The ones here look almost too good to eat!

  2. Her chocolates look beautiful.
    I actually do not like dark chocolate. I LOVE LOVE white chocolate. I cannot tell you how I lived off of Godiva's white chocolate pearls while I was fasting. I ate them like it was my last day on earth!!! so pathetic LOL!!!

  3. Hi Prêt à Porter P,

    You have a friend here who loves white chocolate; my big girl. yes, she loves and eats only white chocolate. But my lillte one and I love dark chocolate :)


  4. I love dark chocolate, too! These bites look too nice to eat, though…
    My husband loves white chocolate but my little girl doesn't care much for chocolate at all – we don't really understand it….
    Next time I go to the US, I need to visit Dallas, I think. Thanks for all your restaurant and shopping tips, Hanh!

  5. I love dark chocolate too and I also like chocolate with full of sourcherry liqueur.Dark chocalate is good for health too, physical and mental.

  6. Those hand painted chocolates are truly decadent, wow! I really feel like goign to Dallas now, even if for the sole purpose of stopping by this awesome place – my love for chocolate is big and true like that :) Thanks for sharing this, Hanh! I'm their Facebook fan now – just so that I don't forget about this post if I happen to be nearby!

  7. I love the chocolates.Specially dark chocolate with cognac.dark chocolates are always test great.Now i am feeling like to go to dallas.


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