The Woods Trunk Show at Fortyfiveten

Meeting The Woods sisters: Shawn and Samantha at their trunk show at boutique 4510 this past weekend was wonderful. They are very sweet and kind. About the trunk show…it was incredible amazing. There were so many extraordinary beautiful pieces, they were to die for. Here are some:

I love their creative idea. They use a lobster claw clasp for attaching pendents to the chain.

Some kind of stone with antler attaching.

I love this fat happy Buddha face :)

Flame it up.

The picture doesn’t do it justice. Octopus.

They told me that the metal king pendent is an antique that they found somewhere in Asia. I totally forgot where exactly. Wow! looks like I need DHA or some kind of brain booster vitamins..LOL... Anyway, it looks Thai to me.

Another angle of this pendent.

Big thank you to The Woods sisters for allowing me to take these pictures! and also thank you so much for the little gifts to my kids. The kids adore them :)
Thank you everyone for visiting and comments! I hope you have a wonderful day! Big hugs…Hanh :)
Ps: more about The Woods, click here.
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