My Look on Citizen Couture

Few weeks ago, I was in NYC and had a chance to meet Jason who is behind an amazing blog, Citizen Couture. As I’ve imagined, he is very sweet, extremely charming, and easy to talk to. It was a pleasure to meet Jason. I’m glad that we’ve finally met.
Thank you Jason for featuring me on your fabulous blog. Your pictures are always beautiful and your blog always impresses me.
My readers, please check out my look at Citizen Couture.
Thank you everyone for visiting and comments! Wish you a wonderful day! xoxo…Hanh :)

The View From The Top

We normally go skiing in Colorado every year. However, this year was our first time skiing in Lake Tahoe. It’s a picture-perfect image of a winter wonderland. I love the lake view the most, overlooking the incredible blue waters of Lake Tahoe. It is just breathtaking. I stopped and took a picture every time I was at the top. “Mama, that’s enough. We should keep going, come on!” Yes, my kids complained that we had enough pictures, but I felt I didn’t. It’s just because the pictures don’t do it justice. Really, the feeling on top of the mountains, around you with all the beautiful white snow, and with the lake view, it was like a dream. My camera couldn’t capture my feeling, neither the view that my eyes captured. But, I tried my best to photo it. Here are the pictures of the views, mostly it is the lake view.

From the mobile phone. That day was warm that you can see no snow on the trees.

This is from the mobile phone through my ski goggles. I took this when it was the end of our last day of skiing.

Thank you everyone for visiting and comments! Wish you all a lovely weekend! xoxo…Hanh :)

Comme Des Garcons Deconstruction

Comme des Garcons has the most deconstructed designs, as well as Junya Watanabe and Tao CdG. They create unusually structured clothes, asymmetrical shapes. With most pieces, you might not know what it will look like while they’re on the hanger. You must try it on first. It’s surprisingly fabulous. Yes, it takes some time to figure out how to put it on. Unbuttoning, buttoning, and twisting the piece, it unexpectedly gives you a different look. You definitely have fun playing with it. Every piece is an investment, a work of art in your closet. Because the design is distinctive and characteristic, it’s never out of style. Rei Kawakubo, Junya Watanabe, and Tao Kurihara are geniuses.
Their designs play with the imagination. What do you think about this top, by Tao CdG? How does it look to you?

Pierre Hardy shoes. NhaKhanh thumb hole mesh top.

Untied the front. It looked like I had a scarf on.

Rajvi Vora ring. They said it’s a Indian frog. It looks like a gecko to me. Vintage Comme des Garcons bag.

Thank you everyone for visiting and comments! Wish you all a wonderful day! xoxo…Hanh :)

The Clouds

When I was a little girl, I liked to look up to the sky and imagine the clouds in many different shapes such as cute animals, pretty angels, beautiful flowers, or gentle waves…I loved it, especially when we made a trip with my father or brothers to the rice field in the countryside. It felt like the sky was so low that I could touch it. My feeling was so cheerful and happy, that’s when I learned that just simple things in life make us happy. It depends on our mind. Yes, whenever I’ve thought about these childhood memories it still makes me happy.
Sometimes now, I still like to look up to the sky at the pretty clouds with my children. I also like to look out of the window to watch the clouds when I fly in an airplane. It’s just amazing how beautiful it is and it looks like layered marble.
These pictures were taken when I flew in an airplane.

The pictures below were taken by mobile phone.

Don’t you think it would be awesome to have a Tshirt or a dress with the cloud print. I maybe design one for me :)
Thank you everyone for visiting! Wish you all a wonderful day! x0x0…Hanh :)
ps: Thank you everyone for your comments on my new hair cut!! I love it!!

Finally the outfit post…

Finally, the outfit post is here. Wearing: a Rick Owens jacket, Dolce & Gabbana polka dots top, Rag & Bone thumb hole black top (wore underneath) and leggings, Guiseppe Zanotti leopard wedges, Margiela clutch, and The Woods necklace. Did you notice that I got my hair cut? This is the length when I was dating my husband. Well, It was actually about 1 inch shorter. Now, my kids and I have pretty much the same hair style :-)

Thank you everyone for visiting and comments! Wish you all a wonderful day!! xoxo…Hanh :)

Eyes – Breathing – McQueen

In the last post, I mentioned about my niece’s friend, Ignacio. Ignacio Torres is a young, talented fashion photography artist. His work has been exhibited in the Dallas/Ft.Worth metroplex and was awarded the Cora E. Stafford Scholarship for an emerging photographer in 2010. Ignacio is currently working in personal projects that explore the magical and supernatural through the use of photography and animation. He currently lives and works in New York City. Please, check out his work at his website. It’s definitely fascinating. Now, I’d like to share a few of his movement photos. The model is my beautiful niece, Pauline.
EYES. Pauline and her friend. They had on Rick Owens gray mesh jacket and Ann D black top.
BREATHING. Pauline had on Ann Demeulemeester 14 buckles belt, Alexander McQueen leggings, and Givenchy boots.

Alexander McQueen knuckles clutch.
Thank you everyone for visiting and comments! Wish you all a wonderful day!! xoxo…Hanh :-)

Proenza Schouler Spring 2011

Proenza Schouler has defenitely become one of my favorite labels lately. I’m so in love with with the Spring 2011 collection. The colors and the style of all the pieces are just simply beautiful. LOVE!
Wish you all a wonderful day!! xoxo…Hanh :-)

Weekend in NYC

My two nieces and I made a girl trip to New York the past weekend for fun and shopping. My niece’s friends, Michael and Ignacio joined us during our stay. We had a great fun time there. Michael is a fashion stylist. Ignacio is a fashion art photographer and he is a cool, young, talented kid. Please, check out his work. It’s very impressive. He currently lives and works in NYC. His work will be featured in my blog sometime soon. Here are some random pictures of NYC from Ignacio’s mobile phone that he captured while we were there. (I didn’t bring my camera)
The view of Soho from our room.

My niece, Pauline and Ignacio.

Pauline tried on MMMargiela piece at a vintage store. She is gorgeous.

It was also very nice to meet some fashion blogger friends for brunch at Artisanal Bistro. Thank you all for coming out with us. We definitely had a wonderful time with you.
No doubt, we had a blast at the shoes salon at Barneys in NY. There were so many fabulous pairs on sale for 50% off. And here a few pictures from our mobile phones.


These Rodarte shoes are a piece of art.

Fabulous Ann D boots.

Yes, I brought these Chanel boots home from Barneys. The boots are perfect for me to travel around with my kids. They are very comfortable and keep me look stylish :-)

The back of the Chanel boots.

These cool Tabi boots at Margiela boutique are not as comfy as the Chanel boots; but I absolutely love them. Thinking…Should I get them??

Thank you everyone for visiting and comments! Wish you all a wonderful day ahead! xoxo…Hanh 😉
ps: I had on the Alaia hiking heeled boots.

In Honolulu

These are some pictures from our last trip for New year Eve 2011 in Honolulu. The pictures below are the view of Waikiki beach from our room. Waikiki beach is one of the most famous beaches in the world.

At night.

It was kind of cool to look down to the Waikiki beach from our balcony at the 30th floors.

The fun at the beach. Diamond Head is ahead; one of the most famous volcanoes in Hawaii.

The view of the Diamond Head from the ocean.

I took this picture of the Diamond Head from my window seat when our plane took off.

The activities at Waikiki’s lagoon are fun for family. My always favorite one is paddle board.

I tried to captured a part of Honolulu city and Waikiki beach from the ocean.

We love to have a drink at The House Without A Key at Halekulani Hotel before dinner. Listening Hawaiian music and watching the sunset with the Diamond Head view here is always a pleasure.

Rainbow Tower of Hilton Waikiki Hotel at night. This hotel offers beautiful fireworks on every Friday night. You can see it from Waikiki beach.
The ending scene of the Hawaiian Luau on the new year eve at the Hilton hotel was crazy. The Hawaiian food and live entertainment was great.
Down Town Honolulu is always exciting, especially at night.
We had an awesome lunch here. They had the best tuna-toro, salmon-toro ever.
Renting this tiny car to run around town is one of the fun things to do when you are in Honolulu.
These stairs is a secret way to 88Tees store where you can find fun t-shirts.
And here some more beautiful pictures that I captured.

Thank you everyone for visiting! Hope you all have a wonderful day! xoxo…Hanh :)

Under the Pink Light

Watching the sunset is my first must-do when I have a beach vacation. I love watching the sunset. Seating on the beach, enjoying the breeze from the ocean, and watching the sunset I feel so calm, so happy, so romantic. Doing this is the the most romantic thing ever to do with your partner. I truly appreciated the sun more, it doesn’t just bring life for us, but also brings its natural beauty for us to admire…Here are some sunset pictures of three different days which I captured at the Waikiki beach.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the beauty of our sun! Have a wonderful day ahead!! xoxo…Hanh :)
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