Under the Pink Light

Watching the sunset is my first must-do when I have a beach vacation. I love watching the sunset. Seating on the beach, enjoying the breeze from the ocean, and watching the sunset I feel so calm, so happy, so romantic. Doing this is the the most romantic thing ever to do with your partner. I truly appreciated the sun more, it doesn’t just bring life for us, but also brings its natural beauty for us to admire…Here are some sunset pictures of three different days which I captured at the Waikiki beach.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the beauty of our sun! Have a wonderful day ahead!! xoxo…Hanh :)
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33 thoughts on “Under the Pink Light

  1. Hi Liane,

    I love watching the sunrise too. I did it once with my hubby. The only thing is you have to get up early to do that and we love to sleep in when we're on vacation :-)

  2. Beautiful! My brother lives a few miles from Waikiki and emails us sunset/sunrise pictures all the time. The beach is my favorite place on earth. I always feel so close to God when there.

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