Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Haha…This tittle is silly, but I love it! I also love the movie too! :) Have you seen this movie yet?
Anyway, months ago, I had a chance to meet Nathalie and her husband Fernard at their studio in Paris. They are a team who make Hanna Bernhard jewelry; a unique, hand made, exquisite jewelry. I always love thing that is dragon. Dragons symbolize power and happiness. Yes, I ordered a dragon necklace. This is their first time to make something like this and it was a great challenge for them, they said. No surprise! With their experience and talent, the dragon necklace is amazingly beautiful and its details are exquisite. It’s truly a statement and a mind blowing piece. I’m really happy with it.
Yesterday, Dallas weather was suddenly cooler. It was a perfect time for me to style it with a vintage fur that I recently found. To give an edginess to the outfit, I paired it with The Row leggings and my gloves that I bought them in Paris at a local store long ago.

Thank you QC for the photos and his wife Nancy for make-up. You’re both the best. QC, your photos are always beautiful!
Thank you everyone for visiting and comments! Have a lovely weekend! xoxo…Hanh :)
Check out QC website here!
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19 thoughts on “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

  1. The necklace is STUNNING. I'm at a lost for words. I also love your vintage fur poncho. I saw one IDENTICAL to it at Neimans Last Call. Great photography, flawless makeup, and overall faboulousness! :)


  2. Lisa,

    My makeup was much heavier that day than normal, you're right. I had a new photographer and he brought someone to do my makeup, too. Maybe less foundation next time!

  3. The necklace is amazing!.

    Your makeup is great as well, you can see it really well on the 7th picture… your skin looks flawless! Nice pics :)

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