I purchased this yellow nail polish from Urban Outfitters last year and this was my first time to wear it. I kinda wanted to have some fun and I surely had fun with this nail color. My kids said it’s weird and my husband thought I was jaundiced :)

I love that the sleeves are different. I have fun with this Marc Le Bihan dress. I can style it with a dress, leggings, Jeans or shorts…It is shorter in the back (doesn’t show here). It can be a light weight jacket. It is an all seasons piece. I always love clothing that mixes textures and materials.
Marc Le Bihan dress, Rick Owens black sheer dress underneath, Joomi Lim spikes necklace, MMM clutch, and Balenciaga sandals.
Thank you for your visiting and have a wonderful weekend!! xoxo…Hanh :)
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18 thoughts on “Yellow

  1. Great look, as always! You make all those assymetrical, multi-dimensional clothes look so good!! And the yellow nails definately add a fun touch – the kind of a pop of color we start longing for closer to the end of winter… Spring couldn't come soon enough, eh? 😉

  2. Hi Hanh, your husband's comment made me laugh so hard! Oh, men… :))) I personally love yellow nails, too, but haven't got the varnish yet. Last time I browsed the shades, I actually picked an orange one instead… (don't look for any logic here 😉 ) But am still getting yellow for summer. It just ads a touch of energy to every look, I think.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Mmh so Chère Hanh, even if at a first glance it can sound a little bit strange indeed I MUST confess that I can't help BUT see in your fruity / glossy toes a kind of "Fetish Foreshadowing" of Spring (AND a mischievous way to twist your -very well worn- total dark outfit) !!!
    ps: I warmly wish you an Excellent weekend Dear.

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  4. Oh my GOD I want those sandals!? Where would I be able to find them? Preferably somewhere that ships to London. Its really Freaking Pretty Never seen like before!

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