Kim Anh

If you are in Paris-France and you are tempted to eat Vietnamese food. You should go to Kim Anh. It’s located in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, 51 avenue Emile Zola. It is a family-run-restaurant. It’s small, cozy, and nice decor. The food is absolutely delicious and just likes mama’s home-cooking. It’s the best Vietnamese food outside of Saigon. Every single dish that I tasted was perfectly balanced with fresh ingredients. I wish the restaurant was in Dallas, so I could dine there every week.
Believe it or not, I have been dreaming about their seafood salad with pineapples.

Spring roll. (I enjoyed eating it and forgot to take photo when it came out, sorry :) )

Sour hot soup.

Ground beef wrapped in betel leaf.

Thank you everyone for visiting!!! Have a wonderful day ahead!!
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9 thoughts on “Kim Anh

  1. Aww..I wish I saw this post for the past couple times I visited Paris. I've been wanting to try a Vietnamese restaurant there, I heard from friends that there are some good ones, but was a bit fearful of trying because we have a lot of Vietnamese restaurants here in Southern California. The food looks pretty amazing though!

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