Hanna Bernhard Turtle Pin

Up Date: For my readers who concerns about ordering Hanna Bernhard customized pieces, I got the answer from them : “If anyone wants to order a piece from us, they are very welcome! You can write to us through our site www.french-bakelite.com or directly to our address : nbernhar@noos.fr”
To know more details, check out their post, here.
In Asia, the turtle represents cosmic order: its shell is symbolic of the enlightenment/heavens, its body symbolic of earth, and its under-shell represents the underworld. The turtle has been known as a symbol of longevity, protection, strength, and patience. To me, its a symbol for being lucky. I’ve noticed that every time when I see a turtle, a good thing will come to me. Is it too superstitious? Anyway, I love turtles.

I adore this Hanna Bernhard turtle pin. It also can be a pendant necklace. Hanna Bernhard jewelry is always special.

It was on the stand.
I wore this outfit long ago to meet the Hanna Bernhard team for lunch when they visited Dallas; my old Dries sweater, old Marni shoes, MMMargiela, and F21 legging.
Photos were taken by my husband and me.
Wishing you all a longevity and a lucky life!!!xo…Hanh!
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13 thoughts on “Hanna Bernhard Turtle Pin

  1. Good Morning Hanh!
    How are you doing?:)
    I remember my first thought when I saw your Dries sweater on the HB blog that it´s such a perfect addition for your beautiful turtle!
    Enjoy your tuesday!

    Hugs to you!;)

  2. Hahn,

    Are you sure the Hanna Bernhard team makes customized pieces for all customers? My understanding is that they do not. They only makes pieces upon request from bloggers and other "select" customers. Everyone else gets to pick from pieces that they've already made and have around or from ebay. Just wanted to mention this so it's clear to readers that they might not be able to get pieces like yours from Hanna Bernhard.

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