Hermes Scarf

While I was thinking about what to pack for our trip to Europe, which includes a cruise on the Mediterranean, this outfit crossed my mind: Rick Owens leather corset top which I wore with jeans and layered with halter top in the previous post. It’s very versatile and my favorite top right now. Banana Republic linen skirt, Hermes scarf.

Hermes leather bracelets and watch.

Christian Louboutin cork platform sandals. I’m not sure if I will have these shoes on all day long, although they are extremely light and super comfy. Bringing a pair of flats is always a good idea.
Wishing you a wonderful summer ahead!!xoxo…Hanh :)
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26 thoughts on “Hermes Scarf

  1. You look stunning as always, Hanh! I'm looking forward to every post, you inspire me so much. In fact, I just added the bracelets close-up to my inspiration/wishlist folder…;)

  2. Every post that you post is gorgeous, every post is more and more cool !! You look beautiful always Hanh I don't have to write it every time because you know it and everyone does:)

  3. Looking forward to see more about that trip in Europe eheh You always go to the most fabulous places! :)

    LOVE your Hermes scraf, and bracelets, I have the watch too, but in camel eheh :)


  4. omg love your hermes bracelets!!!! & your outfit is really adorable! following your blog now :)

    come join my chanel sandals giveaway!

  5. I have the orange bracelet in black. Hermes is an amazing store, I just want to buy everything. So classy and so expensive, it hurts. Now on i'm looking for a scarf to wear in my hair too! I saw that one already but maybe orange will be my choice or something similar to Tiffany blue.

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