Sunset on The Mediterranean Sea

These pictures were taken about 3 weeks ago when we were still on our cruise ship. Wearing: Junya Watanabe dress from spring2010, Christopher Ross belt, Fendi wedges, and Hermes scarf. This scarf was a gift from my special friend and I totally adore it.

My sweet children enjoyed to play rabbit ears on me. They already had a plan for it. Poor me! I had no idea :)

They had fun to play in front of a big fan on the ship.

Sunset view from the top deck of the ship.

Sunset view from our balcony room on the ship.

Have a wonderful day ahead to you all! xo…Hanh :)
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19 thoughts on “Sunset on The Mediterranean Sea

  1. beautiful pics. i have a question… was the food on the cruise any good? i've heard that food on most cruise ships, while unlimited, is not that good in quality. would you go on another cruise?

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    The food on the cruise was not too bad… They had 5, 6 different restaurants on the ship. Because the ship stopped at different places everyday, so we had lunch in town. I had to say that they had GOOD pizza and ice-cream :)It is Magic Disney cruise, therefore the kids had fun. And the only cruise line in the world has fireworks.


  3. thanks for your reply. see, when i go on vacation, eating good food is very important to me. this makes me want to go on a cruise now! :) -w

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