Derek Lam Dress – Spring2011

Packing light is a smart way to save my energy and less work when I travel with my kids. This Derek Lam dress was my fashion savior on my family’s past vacation. As you know, I packed eight mix/match outfits for my five weeks long trip. Yet, I wore this dress countless times and I got so many compliments. Clearly, I styled it loose casual look for daytime with pink flipflops, and styled it with nicer shoes and waist cinch with a fancy belt for nighttime. I called it the fashion savior also because it’s a concealing outfit to hide my gained pounds from the trip.
Unfortunately, to gain pounds is easy but to loose it is hard. I’m still working to get back my normal weight. I don’t know if it’s possible, my beach vacation is coming up in a week and my bikini has to wait :(
Wearing: Louis Vuitton sunglasses, Proenza bracelet.
Have a happy Sunday and a fabulous week ahead! xo…Hanh :)
ps: Thank you everyone for the sweet comments on the last post! xoxo…
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19 thoughts on “Derek Lam Dress – Spring2011

  1. hanh, you look beautiful! and no need to worry–you always look fantastic! the 'extra holiday pounds' (what pounds?!) was delicious, and well-enjoyed!

    life is too short to be anything but happy :)

  2. Personally I would just try to shed the few pounds quietly.. I wouldn't want my kids to think gaining a bit of weight is a bad thing. It seems you are really concerned and focused about it and I'm not sure that's a good model.

  3. Darling, this dress is gorgeous, the colours are so incredibly beautiful.
    As far as the weight goes… You look amazing, Hanh and I think these little extra weight (whenever it is as it's not really noticable) will drop off soon. x

  4. Hi Anon,
    :) I agreed. I just shared this info to my readers but I never mention it to my kids or at home. Thank you for your kind concern!

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