When I Gained Six Pounds

These pictures were taken about a month ago when I was in Venice, Italy. I tweeted that I gained 6 pounds on my trip because of eating good pasta, pizza, tiramisu, ice-cream… Yes, the gain went straight to my hips and belly. This is so easy to explain when you already have had two children and getting older (I’m…4…..2…Aaaah!!!). Yet, this Banana Republic skirt was so TIGHT and this top made me look slim. Thanks to my Rick Owens top, I was able to cover my fat, and the skirt cooperated as well.

Hermes watch, leather bracelet, and scarf. Fendi spring2011 wedges.

Have a wonderful day to you all!!xo…Hanh :)
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24 thoughts on “When I Gained Six Pounds

  1. Girl you look amazing!! And I believe the 6 lbs are worth the great trip to Italy… I totally understand you, I have 3 girls and almost 40… I know that to shed them you have to work out really hard! And in the meantime wear concealing clothes!

    You look awesome!! Love your posts!! Xoxo

  2. Hi Hanh!
    Don't tell me that, Italy is my next dream trip and I think Im gonna follow the same path… great food, great time!
    you look gorgeous, as always,



  3. You looked gorgeous! I would never even say your figure changed! But this is expected of you – you always know how to dress!

  4. Hello Eileen, Claudia,KiraFashion, Lindsay, Espen, Julia…and you all,

    Thank you so much for your sweet comments! The gain hid well underneath the RO top and BR skirt. Half of them are still there, I'm working on it now :) In the meantime, I wear concealing clothes.


  5. 42…you look 24! You are gorgeous as always.

    I'm 25 and Asian – my mom is 52 now and she does not have a single wrinkle. I hope that when I'm her age I look like her! The thing is I worry that since I'm born in the 80s in New York I live such a high-stress life with so many pollutants in the air, unlike my mom's childhood in China. Anyway, fingers crossed and I hope I get to look half as good as you or her when I go into my 40s and 50s…

  6. you are still amazing!no other fashion blogger has such an incredible sense of style and class! if audrey were alive i am sure she would have loved the incredible match between boldness the class the audacity impeccable style and minimalism..a deadly combination and such an inspiration for women world wide

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