When I was in Paris

These Miu Miu trousers were my new purchase in Paris with 50% off. It’s fun how this Free People blouse changed its color from hot pink to bright coral under different sunlight.

I borrowed my kid’s faux fur mouse key chain. We bought two of them, one bright blue and one bright orange, on the street in Italy for 4 Euro each. I think it’s a cute idea to attach it to my Celine bag for this look.

Have a wonderful day to you all!!! xo…Hanh :)
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21 thoughts on “When I was in Paris

  1. Sorry but I have to tell you that ypur mouse is not faux fur! I am Italian and I know that those little toys are made in China… do you know how Chinese fur is made???

  2. Hi Chiara,

    Wow! For the whole time, I thought it's faux fur. I had no idea, because it was inexpensive. Thanks for the info!

  3. Hey there!!!!
    Your blog is really an inspiration for others.
    The look and feel is awesome so as the images.Really fantastic.
    Love Paris
    Thanks for Sharing

  4. I'm loving the Miu Miu pants, sales are really great aren't they? I'm currently in Italy, and I'm going crazy shopping everyday! 😀
    love your blog btw xxx

  5. I bet you had enough fun there in Paris, your fashion looks trendy, you look good and bright with that Miu Miu trousers. And the little blue mouse key chain looks so cute. I'm pretty sure you're very fun of traveling, check out grand canyon tours, enjoy the tours that will sure carry you beyond.

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