Love, Rock!

I should have shared this post about 6 months ago.
As you know, my little daughter who loves art is very creative. I’ve been sharing with you her drawings, her clothing designs for herself and her doll. Once more, I’m proud to share these rings which she also designed. Remember, she’s only 7!
One day, months ago, when my little girl and I had a chance to have dinner with my sweet friend, Sue Gragg, Sue asked my girl: “What would you like to be when you grow up?”. My girl said, “Designer”. Sue said “I’m a jewelry designer and have my own store, so can you design jewelry for me?”. My little girl confidently said “sure”, and quickly grabbed a piece of paper and sketched these rings without thinking. She sketched them in a seconds with a crayon. Thank you to my sweet friend, Sue Gragg, for transforming my girl’s sketches into real rings! Sue did wonderful work keeping the original design, especially the way she wrote the words.
I love my little girl’s expression with the exclamation mark

The heart outline is so cute!
Check out Sue Gragg’s website (her jewelry is the best quality and exquisite) and you could place a special order for these rings if you wish.
Have a wonderful day to you all! xo…Hanh :)

When I was in Mexico

I packed a lot of white. White is ageless, the perfect color for the beach. It looks fresh, clean, statement, effortless, …and a great contrast color for the blue water and blue sky. I found this beach cover-up from Everything But Water that you could wear out on the town or for a casual cocktail party on the beach.
Wore colorful hair ties as a bracelets. I found them very practical for the beach; they brighten up your wrist and can get wet. I wanted a dramatic contrast to the white dress, so I brought a bunch with me to layer. But I got only three left, my kids got most of them 😉 They are too brilliantly colored not to be taken by the kids.

The Woods necklace.

Have a wonderful week ahead of you! xo…Hanh :)

The Cliff

As you know, I gained weight from my past Europe trip and I just had one week to work out to get rid of my gain for this Mexico trip. Yet, I worked out hard on the treadmill and ran up/down on the stairs at home. Thanks to my high metabolism, the gain was 90% gone. So, I have some bikini photos to share here. Probably, in the future, when I look back to these photos, I’m thinking either that I’m glad to have these shots or I’m goofy.
Outfit 1: MMMargiela shirt as a beach cover, D & G bikini, and LV sunglasses.
Outfit 2: Nha Khanh mesh cape as a beach cover, Michael Kors bikini, and Gucci sunglasses.
Have a lovely day to you all!xo…Hanh :)

Punta Mita Sky

I wish I had on neon yellow/green nail polish! Being a mommy and wife, sometimes, I run out of time to do thing for myself. It’s specially when my kids have no school. But, I’m happy that my nails are natural, and I’m extremely happy to be with my eleven family members including my parents on this vacation in Punta Mita, Mexico.
Wearing: Rick Owens top, Forever 21 shorts, and sunglasses were bought on my past trip in Europe on the street for 4 Euros.

Have a wonderful day ahead to you all!xo…Hanh :)


We had a chance to visit Monaco past June and we absolutely love it. Monaco is the second smallest country (by size) in the world; only the Vatican City is smaller. You just need one day to overview this country, but you may need more days to party and visit casinos. It is next to Villefranche and Nice, France. It is one of the most beautiful and elegant places on the French Riviera. It reminds me of Santa Babara, California.

Monaco Aquarium.

Saint Nicholas Cathedral where Grace Kelly (famous American actress) got married with Prince Rainier III of Monaco in 1956, and she was also burried here in 1982 after the tragic car accident.

Palais de Monaco. Where Grace Kelly lived while she was Princess of Monaco.

Just a street.
View of Monte Carlo.

Have a great day to you all!! xo…Hanh :)
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