We had a chance to visit Monaco past June and we absolutely love it. Monaco is the second smallest country (by size) in the world; only the Vatican City is smaller. You just need one day to overview this country, but you may need more days to party and visit casinos. It is next to Villefranche and Nice, France. It is one of the most beautiful and elegant places on the French Riviera. It reminds me of Santa Babara, California.

Monaco Aquarium.

Saint Nicholas Cathedral where Grace Kelly (famous American actress) got married with Prince Rainier III of Monaco in 1956, and she was also burried here in 1982 after the tragic car accident.

Palais de Monaco. Where Grace Kelly lived while she was Princess of Monaco.

Just a street.
View of Monte Carlo.

Have a great day to you all!! xo…Hanh :)
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15 thoughts on “Monaco

  1. Such a beautiful countries. You are blessed to get to give your children all these great travel memories. Your daughters will one day say "we went to Monaco with our parents" how cool is that. Amazing photos.

  2. Hanh, It means so much that you took time out of your busy schedule from your kids and all you do! Thanks for visiting I hope you visit when you get a chance and let me know my progress I do write alot, just trying to find a photographer for pictures in the meantime im just waiting a tripod and remote, will be posting outfit pictures soon. Thanks once again.
    Sparkle Always,

  3. Everything is breathtaking in Monaco, although it is the second smallest country yet seems to be the most beautiful amongst all other countries.

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