When I was in Mexico

I packed a lot of white. White is ageless, the perfect color for the beach. It looks fresh, clean, statement, effortless, …and a great contrast color for the blue water and blue sky. I found this beach cover-up from Everything But Water that you could wear out on the town or for a casual cocktail party on the beach.
Wore colorful hair ties as a bracelets. I found them very practical for the beach; they brighten up your wrist and can get wet. I wanted a dramatic contrast to the white dress, so I brought a bunch with me to layer. But I got only three left, my kids got most of them 😉 They are too brilliantly colored not to be taken by the kids.

The Woods necklace.

Have a wonderful week ahead of you! xo…Hanh :)
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25 thoughts on “When I was in Mexico

  1. These immaculate tonalities are so timelessly appealing indeed, AND your barefoot posture achieves to underline their majestousness Here !!!
    ps: Pink around your eyes § Yellow next to your toes, OR a fancy / joyful way to twist this uncluttered chromatic palette I must add . . .

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  2. fresh and pretty! i always love the way you incorporate color (for example, the sunglasses here).
    you remind me of my island-girl caribbean days in this post!

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