Polka Dot and A Touch of Fur Trend

With Nini in NYC.

Wearing: Yohji Yamamoto dress and leggings from fall 2011 collection, MMM faux fur, Alexander Wang silver bag with a mouse blue faux fur which I bought long ago, Sam Eldelman boots, and Nina Ricci sunnies.
Have a wonderful day ahead! xo…Hanh :)
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10 thoughts on “Polka Dot and A Touch of Fur Trend

  1. Nini's Maxi Chanel is amazing! I want one so badly but it's a lot of money to spend a purse for me. I love your take on the polka dot trend. You're outfits are always so artistic <3

  2. Hi Hanh, I've been a great fan of yr blog n yr style inspires me a lot. U r one of the most stylish mom ever! I have a dying question which I wan to ask for a long time: How do u walk in such high platforms? Especially Lady Daf from
    Christine Louboutin. I bought them n I'm so sad that I cannot even walk in the streets with it. I can only walk on carpet n flat ground. I fall whenever there is uneven ground. Help! Please advise! I see u can conquer Paris in Lady Daf too! Amazing! Please tell us how u did it.

    Yr faithful fan ~ SOcean

  3. Hi there -SOcean,
    Franly, I can walk easier on those platforms boots or wedges ( and depends on the boots/ wedges, they have different level of comfy to allow you to walk in them for long or short hours). But the lady daf CL are harder. Once I walked in them in Paris was a challenge for me too and I just managed it for a few blocks. It was killing me and was my first experience with lady daf CL :)

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