Sweet CdG Blouse

Wearing this outfit on this 9/11 in NYC. 10 years ago, I remember when seeing it live on tv when the second plane hit. I remember it clear that when I was pregnant with my first child and I was running up and down the stairs, shaking, and screaming loud to wake up my husband to see it this news. What I remember most about the rest of that day was the quiet of mass shock. 10 years later, it happened I was in New York. What a day! Yet, New York is still strong, beautiful. There is no other city like New York in the world. I love New York! and always….
I love the background with American flag and yellow cab, so New York. It’s just great to be here on this day. I should post this post much sooner.
(Comme des Garcons vintage silk top from fall 2011 collection, Comme skirt from past seasons, Celine sunglasses, and Jeffrey Campbell Lita)
I’m so in love with this fall 2011 CdG collection, especially pieces made from vintage silk scarves that Kawakubo herself collected over the years. So, each of the pieces are one of a kind, and as always, her clothing design is asymmetrical. I love the idea of a detached sleeve on this top. It’s different and fun.
Custom made Japanese lucky cat from Hanna Bernard. F21 belt.
Layers of Hermes bracelets and watch. Dries van Noten bag.

Have a wonderfulday to you all! xo…Hanh :)
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11 thoughts on “Sweet CdG Blouse

  1. Beautiful CDG, Hanh!
    I so share your love with this collection!! I wish it would be easier to find. Remember when I once was in front of CDG store in Paris and had no idea how to get in because of this heavy wood door :-)
    Your HB cat necklace fits so perfectly to your top!! BEAUTIFUL!!
    Have a lovely rest of the week ahead!!!

  2. Mmh so as much this clash of patters could be too chaotic as much it finally sounds uber refined § pretty, AND -such as your GLAMazon(icious) serenity- this radical asymmetry (strongly) achieves to make all the "Trendy difference" I must add Dear Hanh !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  3. this is really adventurous and wonderful! i love your eye for colors, anyway ny is so gray that it needs color sometimes! i wish more people would dress this way.

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