On the Street…Avenue de l’Opéra, Paris

Just to be funny I named this post’s title like it’s from The Sartorialist. These kid’s pictures were taken in front of Opera National de Paris, back in June.
For the first time, my big girl has a skirt from Forever 21. LoL!!! She’s getting tall and she turned 10 today. Happy birthday to my big girl!! She is a sweet and thoughtful girl.
Have a great weekend to you all!! xo…Hanh :)

Individual Sentiments

Fashion is all about having fun, playing with your pieces, making an adventure of it, and having experience with your looks. It expresses who you are, your mood that day, your attitude, and your way of thinking about fashion. It’s an individual sentiments.
Wearing the Individual Sentiments tank top again. In the past post, I styled it with Comme des Garcons collar. This time, I layered it with Rick Owens tank dress (underneath), Ivan Grundahl belt, and Balenciaga jacket. Also, if you like to see how I paired the belt from my old post, here.

Alaia shoes. Nina Ricci sunglasses. The Woods necklace.
Have a wonderful day to you all!! xo…Hanh :)

A Casual Outfit with Raphael Young Shoes

I worn this casual outfit yesterday to run errands with my husband for his business affairs; MMM nude body suit, Mayle trousers, Forever 21 knit scarf, Dries clutch, Celine sunglasses. I styled them with my very sick shoes by Raphael Young, and can’t wait for you to see details of the shoes. They’re amazing!!
I love this F21 colorful knit scarf which I purchased it over a year ago. It’s really uplifting this look.

These shoes are by Raphael Young, the young shoe designer, born in Seoul in 1974. He created his first pair of shoes at 14 years old under the guidance of his uncle, Alexandre Narcy, who spent his entire career designing shoes for YsL. Raphael launched his label in 2007. He is a true artisan and a real craftsman. Yet, Raphael makes from stitch to finish every single shoe. This isn’t about numbers, it’s about quality. His shoes are only available in selectively unique shops that share the same ideology of small productions with higher quality.
I was so happy to find them at Seven New York boutique in Soho and they were on sale. These shoes are perfect to give you an edgy-stylish look, a fashion forward-futuristic feel, and yet comfy at your feet.
Have a wonderful day to you all!! x0…Hanh :)

Last Chance

I’m glad that the fall weather is finally here. But I wanted to give those F21 shorts a last chance before storing them away. Most of my shorts are from F21 and I love them; inexpensive and good quality. Also, I wanted to share this cool tank top which I purchased on sale a long time ago at IF boutique in Soho. This piece is versatile one, you can pair it with leggings, skinny jeans, wide legged jeans, skirts,…Sure, you can layer and wear it for all seasons. Anyway, I took advantage of a warm afternoon to do a shoot of this outfit on our balcony while the kids were doing their homework.
Actually, I like this look a lot. It’s easy, casual. The cut of the tank top and Comme des Garcons collar made the outfit fun and interesting.

Wearing: Individual Sentiments tank top, F21 shorts, CdG collar, Alaia boots, Nina Ricci sunglasses, and colorful plastic bangles. It’s a gift from my friend.
Have a wonderful day to you all!! xo…Hanh :)

Venice Flashback

We believe Venice is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The 5th century city is built on the water, just two to four feet above sea level. Cars are banned, so the only way to get around this city is by foot or by watertaxi. You’ll be awed by the magical beauty. It is filled with extraordinary architectural masterpieces and art. Yet, these are just some of the unbelievably fabulous things to do. Whoever comes here, I’m sure they’ll fall in love and bring home a dream; a dream of coming back. Not only for adults but for children too. I know it for fact, it was our kid’s most fun city during our 5 weeks traveling through Europe. Both of our kids brought home a dream of coming back here to attend the Venice carnival when they become teens. Yes, to everyone, Venice is a magical city on water.
Here are more Venice pictures to share. Click here and here to see more of Venice in my past posts. Hope you enjoy it!

Rialto bridge at nightfall.

Grand canal at night.
Basilica Di Santa Maria Della Salute seen aross Grand Canal from the Bauer hotel.

Bridge of Sighs.

The last view prisoners saw when they crossed the bridge from Doge’s Palace to their prison.

Glass shoes. Recycling from Coca Cola bottles.

And here is the reason why our kids fell in love with Venice:
Enjoying a Gondola ride while wearing the Venician mask.

Having fun to shop and try on different masks.
Enjoyed making their own masks.
Excited every time to ride on water taxi.

Had a chance to blow Murano glass.

Attending a cooking class at a local chef’s apartment. Making tiramisu and pasta.

Had a chance to watch and learn how to make marble papers from an artist.

Learned and practiced to steer the gondola.

So much fun to feed those pigeons at Piazza San Marco.

Wish you all a wonderful day! xo…Hanh :)

Alexander Wang

Wearing this outfit to have lunch and have a shoot with my friend Carlos Alonso who has a product called “WTF Are You Wearing” street style page on DFW Style Daily.
Carlos Alonso’s career in fashion styling has taken him across the country and around the world. His editorial resume includes Harper’s, DNA, Beautiful magazines, and many more…He’s a young, talented man. It was surprising to me that he shot with his old camera and his cell phone, but the pictures turned out so good.
Also, thank you to Jorge Rivas for helping editing!
Check out this outfit featured in DFW Style Daily today, click here.

Weaing: Alexander Wang tail blouse, sweater vest, and silver bag. F21 shorts, Alaia boots, Nina Ricci sunglasses, The Woods beaded necklace, Forever 21 leopard pendant necklace, and blue fur from INA consignment store in NY.
Have a wonderful day to you all! xo…Hanh :)

Color Combo at The Moment

You’re probably tired of seeing me with these kitty cat face wedges, but I can’t help it. They keep calling my name. Ok! I will face them into the corner of my shoe closet. Hopefully, in next post, you will see a different pair.
Anyway, as you see in my last few outfits, I’ve been crazy about wearing the color combo, cream-red-gray-white. It gives me an elegant, easy feeling. Actually, what I wore here is almost the same with the last outfit in the past post. However, it’s not the same look. I just switched a couple things: the outer layer, sunglasses, and added a necklace, a belt to fancy it up for the evening. Yet, it’s more
Wearing: underneath Rick Owens tank dress is Wang tail blouse. Faliero Sarti scarf, Nina Ricci sunglasses, Charlotte Olympia wedges, Kimme Winters necklace, and Banana Republic belt.
Wish you all a happy Sunday and a great week ahead! x0…Hanh :)

My Favorite Shoes of This Season

There are many different prints of Buddha’s hand on this scarf and this print is my favorite.
As you clearly see, these kitty cat red velvet Charlotte Olympia wedges are my favorite shoes of this season. I’ve been wearing them like crazy which I usually don’t like to do. It wears them out and they get old too quickly, thing is, they’re so comfy and cute….I can’t help it!
Wearing: Rick Owens tank dress and cream cashmere dress, Celine sunglasses, and Faliero Sarti scarf.
Have a wonderful weekend to you all!! xo…Hanh :)


Kimme Winters necklaces incorporate unusual artifacts and mixes them with a variety of pendants such as: Buddha, cross, charm of Mary, medallions, heart charm..ect…and beads which make her necklaces are different.
This red beaded with mixed pendants and Cross is my third one from her design. I love the bright red shade of these beads and I’ve got a fun idea to wear it across the shoulder. Yet, it is my new way to wear a long chain necklace. It’s different and fun.
To see my other Kimme Winters necklaces, here.

These colorful plastic bracelets is a gift from one of my friends. And I got this photo below from my friend’s twitter, Carlo @cfashionstyle, to share. I really like the way that he captured the object and the lighting of this photo, I think it’s very artistic.
Wearing: Top from Free People, Rick Owens skirt, Johnny Farad clutch, and Nina Ricci sunglasses.
Have a wonderful day to you all!! x0…Hanh :)

Light Layers

Light layers outfit for early Fall. The weather has been perfect to wear light layers; around 60 Fahrenheit in the morning and at night, mid 80 F during the day. I had repeated wearing this outfit in the last two weeks and I love it, especially the colors combination.
Those wedges are so comfy too, and I absolutely love them. I’ve gotten so many compliments every time I’ve had them on.
Wearing: Wang sweater vest, Rag&Bone cream top, RO tank dress, Charlotte Olympia wedges, Givenchy nightingale mini bag, The Woods necklace, Celine sunglasses, and ring?? bought it at a local store in Paris for over 10 Euro.
Wish you all a wonderful day!! xo…Hanh :)
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