Color Combo at The Moment

You’re probably tired of seeing me with these kitty cat face wedges, but I can’t help it. They keep calling my name. Ok! I will face them into the corner of my shoe closet. Hopefully, in next post, you will see a different pair.
Anyway, as you see in my last few outfits, I’ve been crazy about wearing the color combo, cream-red-gray-white. It gives me an elegant, easy feeling. Actually, what I wore here is almost the same with the last outfit in the past post. However, it’s not the same look. I just switched a couple things: the outer layer, sunglasses, and added a necklace, a belt to fancy it up for the evening. Yet, it’s more
Wearing: underneath Rick Owens tank dress is Wang tail blouse. Faliero Sarti scarf, Nina Ricci sunglasses, Charlotte Olympia wedges, Kimme Winters necklace, and Banana Republic belt.
Wish you all a happy Sunday and a great week ahead! x0…Hanh :)
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24 thoughts on “Color Combo at The Moment

  1. It's an amazing color combo and works great for you. This outfit of yours actually made me fall in love with these colors too!

  2. P.S. This post of yours got me thinking about color combos I wear the most lately, and I realized I've been loving gray + mauve + rich cobalt blue + lilac together. Very relaxing on the eye and I love how it provides for such a nice contrast to most people on the streets now that it's fairly cold here and everyone's wearing black!

  3. Hello Julia,

    i'm so in the mood for colors, bright colors, pop of colors, color-blocking…so glad this trend is continuing to be a hot trend for this fall/winter.

    i wear black a lot. however i'm in colors right now and black can wait :-)


  4. i am curious who copies who between you and nini from Nini style. Its distubing that grown women have to dress like each other buying same shoes , etc etc. Yes your taste might be similar but between the two one is insecure and copies the other and just curious who. i would not be caught dead wearing the same outfit or shoes as my friend and i am way younger than you. maybe its an age differrence thing but are definately thing you guyz compete with each other. So has it ever affected your friendship. i had a roommate who copied everything i wore, and i hated it.

  5. Hi there!
    Nini and I have the same taste, it's true. It's more a case of great minds thinking alike, rather than one copying the other. Your post does raise an interesting question, though, more about you than me. Sometimes, we go out to a party together and wear the same stuff, but we love it and feel like we're close sisters. It never effects our friendship.


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