Venice Flashback

We believe Venice is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The 5th century city is built on the water, just two to four feet above sea level. Cars are banned, so the only way to get around this city is by foot or by watertaxi. You’ll be awed by the magical beauty. It is filled with extraordinary architectural masterpieces and art. Yet, these are just some of the unbelievably fabulous things to do. Whoever comes here, I’m sure they’ll fall in love and bring home a dream; a dream of coming back. Not only for adults but for children too. I know it for fact, it was our kid’s most fun city during our 5 weeks traveling through Europe. Both of our kids brought home a dream of coming back here to attend the Venice carnival when they become teens. Yes, to everyone, Venice is a magical city on water.
Here are more Venice pictures to share. Click here and here to see more of Venice in my past posts. Hope you enjoy it!

Rialto bridge at nightfall.

Grand canal at night.
Basilica Di Santa Maria Della Salute seen aross Grand Canal from the Bauer hotel.

Bridge of Sighs.

The last view prisoners saw when they crossed the bridge from Doge’s Palace to their prison.

Glass shoes. Recycling from Coca Cola bottles.

And here is the reason why our kids fell in love with Venice:
Enjoying a Gondola ride while wearing the Venician mask.

Having fun to shop and try on different masks.
Enjoyed making their own masks.
Excited every time to ride on water taxi.

Had a chance to blow Murano glass.

Attending a cooking class at a local chef’s apartment. Making tiramisu and pasta.

Had a chance to watch and learn how to make marble papers from an artist.

Learned and practiced to steer the gondola.

So much fun to feed those pigeons at Piazza San Marco.

Wish you all a wonderful day! xo…Hanh :)
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16 thoughts on “Venice Flashback

  1. I love your pictures! And what fun you guys had, I never would imagine taking a glass blowing class. It makes me want to visit Italy one day. Your girls are gorgeous!

  2. What an extraordinary trip! Your beautiful girls will remember and charish this trip for a life time.
    Would you mind doing a post on how to plan such a trip? There are so many personal touches in your travel, I am curious how you do it!

  3. Hello Lisa,

    We're arranging all the activities for us and for the kids in advance through travel agency or hotel concierge when we're planning out trips.


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