Corona del Mar beach, California

Last week, we had a chance to visit Corona del Mar beach in California. If you are in Los Angeles area, you should visit this beach. The beach is located about 50 miles south of LA and 4 miles west of John Wayne Airport. It’s one of California’s most romantic beach views and it’s a stunning place for wedding photos and romantic proposals. Corona del Mar (Spanish for Crown of the Sea) is also a great family beach. It’s clean and you really feel that the beach is yours. I love the nice big rocks/mini rock-hills that almost seem to decorate the edges of the shore. The kids climb on these rock-hills and have fun to run on those lower rocks to look at the crabs. I noticed that people of all ages feel very comfortable here. You see the seniors all decked out, reading their books. You see the cutest youth in groups, girls over here, boys over there, and older groups play volleyball, walking with their dogs…The beach offers the relaxed atmosphere, a great place for a picnic. Parking is free and very close to the shore, there is no long trips to your car to haul your stuff around.

Observing those mussels and looking at the crabs.
Playing cartwheel on the sand.
Kids love to play with sand.

Thank you for visiting and have a wonderful day!! xo…Hanh :)

Color Splash, Part 3: Neon Pink

I styled these Miu Miu bloomers before with a nude polka dot top, but this time I wanted to style it with a solid bright color; neon pink. I got this Jean Paul Gaultier turtleneck top from Open Ceremony in Soho during NYFW. For some reason lately, I’m into vivid colors. This makes the fall/winter so different from the past; a mix feeling of spring :)
Maybe the way bloomers are designed makes me think they could be too young for me. However, I fell in love with these at first sight at the Miu Miu boutique months ago, so I made it work for me by wearing tights/pantyhose to reveal less skin (although bloomers and shorts are the same idea). What do you think?
Throwing in this outfit with MMMargiela sheer tail sweater vest to make this look more dramatic.

After I got my kitty cat face-red velvet Charlotte Olympia wedges during my stay in NYC for New York fashion week, but because they’re light, comfy and give me height, I searched for another pair. When this pair was just on Net-a-Porter, I couldn’t resist them.

Thank you everyone for visiting and have a fabulous weekend! xo…Hanh :)

Color Splash, Part 2: Vivid Orange

I’m obsessed with the color of this Celine bag. This strikingly vivid orange is so uplifting, yet. it’s surely brightens the gray winter sky and brings us to a different level of energy-a strong feeling for this fall/winter season.
Balenciaga is always on my A list of my favorite designs. And this top….Its asymmetrical design, the sculpted neckline, the surprising shimmer gold underneath, its chic, edginess, bold, and so modern…made this top so different; simply drop dead gorgeous! I’m in love!
Wearing with NhaKhanh thumb hole black mesh top, Nina Ricci sunglasses.

These J Brand jeans are over 5 years old. Every time, I wear them and realize how much I love them! They’re a great investment piece. I’m glad that they brought this design back and the jeans are being sold again at Barneys CO-OP.

I found this silver bracelet, designed by Audrey Savransky who has created AS29 line, at Colette store in Paris this summer. I was looking for a perfect designed dragon bracelet for years, and I was so happy to find it. If you look at its details and its proportions are just magnificent. I absolutely adore it! My dream! :)

Another way I paired these jeans with different fabulous tops in my old post in the past spring, click here, if you wish :-) It was definitely another one of my favorite outfits.
Thank you everyone for reading and have a lovely day! xo…Hanh :)

A Postcard from China

Weeks ago, I got this postcard in my email from my sweet friend, Nathalie, and I planned not to post until Chinese New Year; but, I couldn’t resist posting it and can’t wait to share. This is the cutest postcard ever!! It’s so sweet of her to do this collage. Thank you Nathalie!
Nathelie is a jewelry designer and works along with her husband, Fernard, as a team for their own jewelry line, Hanna Bernhard. They live in Paris and their work is amazing, one of a kind. Most of the pieces that I’ve collected from their line have an Oriental theme which I love. If you’re one of my long time readers, you’ve probably already read my old posts about them. Anyway, check out their blog to learn more about their work if you wish. And here is the postcard.

Below are the pictures which she used for the collage.
Wearing: Hanna Bernhard Chinese dragon and Japanese lucky cat necklaces.
Thank you everyone for reading and wish you a wonderful weekend! xo…Hanh :)

Color Splash, Part 1: Hot Pink

I know I should polish my nails, but being the chef of the family and cooking almost everyday, nail polish is not practical for me :) Those gloves were purchased long ago at a local store in Paris. Hermes watch.

The pink in this look brought a spring feeling to me. I’m so glad that bright colors, a pop of color, color-blocking…is continuing big this fall/winter. Yet, it’s really to brighten up a gray, depressing fall/winter sky and it surely brings more of a happy feeling to everyone. Pink is my favorite color. It was so hard to say NO to this hot pink McQueen clutch and the skull is so McQueen classic.
In this outfit, I like how the Zero+Maria Cornejo dress and Louis Vuitton pink scarf gives it an elegant-feminine look, while McQueen boots and unexpected pairing of the gloves brings out a strong side, and Nina Ricci sunglasses added a edginess.
Have a lovely weekend to you all!! xo…Hanh :)
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