Color Splash, Part 1: Hot Pink

I know I should polish my nails, but being the chef of the family and cooking almost everyday, nail polish is not practical for me :) Those gloves were purchased long ago at a local store in Paris. Hermes watch.

The pink in this look brought a spring feeling to me. I’m so glad that bright colors, a pop of color, color-blocking…is continuing big this fall/winter. Yet, it’s really to brighten up a gray, depressing fall/winter sky and it surely brings more of a happy feeling to everyone. Pink is my favorite color. It was so hard to say NO to this hot pink McQueen clutch and the skull is so McQueen classic.
In this outfit, I like how the Zero+Maria Cornejo dress and Louis Vuitton pink scarf gives it an elegant-feminine look, while McQueen boots and unexpected pairing of the gloves brings out a strong side, and Nina Ricci sunglasses added a edginess.
Have a lovely weekend to you all!! xo…Hanh :)
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27 thoughts on “Color Splash, Part 1: Hot Pink

  1. WOow these (wrongly discreet) pink details wrap your haughtiness with a lot of majestousness*, subtly show-off § mostly exquisitely girly I must addd Dear !!!
    * especially (BUT not exclusively) on the first picture

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  2. this is just amazing hang!!! i love the dress, the boots and the gloves!!!! ill put this picture of you on my moodboard!!!

  3. Beautiful outfit all put together. The clutch is really a master peice with the pinksih fur in contrast to the gloves. Bravo!

    Best regards


  4. Oh, the dress is gorgeous! And definitely calls for the addition of a little color.

    I'm with you on nail polish — my manicures generally last for 24 hours if I'm lucky before they chip. Try though I may, I am just not careful enough with my hands!

  5. Hi Kckimchi,

    I found the LV scarf at LV boutique in Paris long ago. I'm sure they will always have something like it. Good luck and have fun with your holiday shopping!


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