Color Splash, Part 2: Vivid Orange

I’m obsessed with the color of this Celine bag. This strikingly vivid orange is so uplifting, yet. it’s surely brightens the gray winter sky and brings us to a different level of energy-a strong feeling for this fall/winter season.
Balenciaga is always on my A list of my favorite designs. And this top….Its asymmetrical design, the sculpted neckline, the surprising shimmer gold underneath, its chic, edginess, bold, and so modern…made this top so different; simply drop dead gorgeous! I’m in love!
Wearing with NhaKhanh thumb hole black mesh top, Nina Ricci sunglasses.

These J Brand jeans are over 5 years old. Every time, I wear them and realize how much I love them! They’re a great investment piece. I’m glad that they brought this design back and the jeans are being sold again at Barneys CO-OP.

I found this silver bracelet, designed by Audrey Savransky who has created AS29 line, at Colette store in Paris this summer. I was looking for a perfect designed dragon bracelet for years, and I was so happy to find it. If you look at its details and its proportions are just magnificent. I absolutely adore it! My dream! :)

Another way I paired these jeans with different fabulous tops in my old post in the past spring, click here, if you wish :-) It was definitely another one of my favorite outfits.
Thank you everyone for reading and have a lovely day! xo…Hanh :)
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23 thoughts on “Color Splash, Part 2: Vivid Orange

  1. I will always love that thumb hole top. It's edgy and makes a fantastic layering piece. You wear Balenciaga well. I think those jeans are fantastic. I used to want the J Brand Love Stories, very similar style to yours, but I can never get J Brand to fit me right. I was lucky to find a similar pair from another brand for a deal at Loehmann's, and I love wearing them. They make the legs look miles long.

  2. love the bright orange against the crisp black+white outfit..I feel like orange is one of those "pop" colors that can easily be chic and stylish without trying too hard or being too much.


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