Color Splash, Part 3: Neon Pink

I styled these Miu Miu bloomers before with a nude polka dot top, but this time I wanted to style it with a solid bright color; neon pink. I got this Jean Paul Gaultier turtleneck top from Open Ceremony in Soho during NYFW. For some reason lately, I’m into vivid colors. This makes the fall/winter so different from the past; a mix feeling of spring :)
Maybe the way bloomers are designed makes me think they could be too young for me. However, I fell in love with these at first sight at the Miu Miu boutique months ago, so I made it work for me by wearing tights/pantyhose to reveal less skin (although bloomers and shorts are the same idea). What do you think?
Throwing in this outfit with MMMargiela sheer tail sweater vest to make this look more dramatic.

After I got my kitty cat face-red velvet Charlotte Olympia wedges during my stay in NYC for New York fashion week, but because they’re light, comfy and give me height, I searched for another pair. When this pair was just on Net-a-Porter, I couldn’t resist them.

Thank you everyone for visiting and have a fabulous weekend! xo…Hanh :)
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25 thoughts on “Color Splash, Part 3: Neon Pink

  1. I would wear those bloomers if I had your legs, in other words, I think they work fabulously for you! And I love the bright top and the vest with it. Good job again, Hanh.

  2. Even as a 19 year old, sometimes I feel bloomers/shorts show too much skin, especially in the summer months. I feel much more comfortable wearing shorts (sometimes with less than 3" inseam), in the winter months when you can wear tights underneath and long sleeves. I think it is important to show certain parts of the body at a time, and not too much in one outfit.
    I think your bloomers in particular are very modest, as they are simple silhouette, not tight, and a floral pattern. Definitely not a 'sexy short'!

  3. such a gorgeous pink on you! definitely wear this shade (with black, of course) as often as possible. i love the lipstick. beautiful!

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