A lot of blue in this look. I know. I wanted this intense blue outfit to contrast with this vivid orange Celine bag, creating unexpected color pairing, a striking color-blocked look. I special ordered these trousers in blue from the Nha Khanh line (they’re actually just available in pink or black). What do you think? The blue also nicely enhances my mid-night black hair color which I colored myself with Clairol semi permanent a couple weeks ago. It’s just a little change of hair color tone for a warm look and fun for the winter.
Blue is my obsessing color right now. This brilliant blue shade makes such a big statement and is perfect for attending holiday parties. You will stand out in the crowd. Yet, you look new and different among people who traditionally wear the black or red or even shimmer gold… I wore this outfit to attend the Forty Five Ten boutique’s holiday party last night and got so many nice compliments. I only wish I could have had my nails in shimmer silver or matte white polish.
Styling with Club Monaco turtle neck sweater, fur stole from INA consignment store in Soho, and YsL Rouge Pur 52.

Thank you everyone for reading and have a fabulous weekend! xoHanh :)
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33 thoughts on “Blue

  1. Hi Tammy,

    The design of my pants were designed by NhaKhanh and Nini. It was the time when Nini still worked for NhaKhanh, and the pants were in black and red. Now they are available in pink. But I special ordered them in blue. I know that Nini's pants which she wore in her post were by Givenchy from past seasons. The similarity is coincidental, I'm sure. Have a nice weekend! :)


  2. No, I just didn't mean the pants, but the entire look! From the turtle neck to the fur to the bold accessories. Just saying what I saw when I see your post. Not original that's all. Have a lovely day.

  3. Hi Tammy,

    To be honest, I don't read every single post of Nini's blog and don't remember her looks. Don't get me wrong, her blog and her style are fabulous, but I just don't have time to do that or to read other blogs. It is a coincidence. It is simply the case that we have similar taste. Nini is my friend. Sometimes, we go out to a party together and show up with the same stuff because we didn't tell each other of our plan for the outfits. We don't mind. It's more a case of great minds thinking alike, rather than one copying the other. Good night!

  4. Hahn, your sense of style is immaculate! I love how fresh you keep your look. Although you're a mother of two, you look awesome, you haven't reduced your sense of self and love of fashion. So many women have children and lose themselves. Not you! you inspire me and I want to be like you when I become a mother.


  5. haha I love the fact that someone like "Tammy" would bring something like that up. Your (Hanh) sense of style is immaculate! I know you personally and know you have your own style!

  6. LOVE this look! So perfect. Total pick me up for a winter day – I live in Toronto and it's horribly grey out right now and this is just the type of outfit that would make everyone smile. That blue is mood enhancing for sure!

    Awesome blog



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