A Cold Day in Deer Valley

Another cold day in Deer Valley, we took it easy skiing and played in the snow with the kids instead. For the first time, I shared my photos without make-up on, Lord! I often go bare faced when I travel with the family.
About the outfit, I tried to blend in tho the ski environment but not look so typically skier. This Prada jacket was a solution. I purchased it years ago at Barneys for 65% off and I brought it with me on every ski trip since. Yes, I get so many nice compliments everytime. Here is the look:

NhaKhanh thumb holed mesh top was underneath Club Monaco turtle neck sweater, BcBg wool pants, Lanvin lucite sunglasses, F21 knit hat, and very old snow boots.

In a different day with the same outfit but with Chanel boots and Nina Ricci sunglasses. They both instantly gave the look more stylish character. And in the two photos below, I had on a little blush :)

These Chanel boots I also purchased 65% off from last winter’s sale at Barneys. They are so COOL and so many people have stopped to give me compliments.

Thank you everyone who entered the New Year Fashion Resolution Giveaway Gift! Congratulation to Christina-A Rainy Melony; the winner of the giveaway gift!!! Please, contact me for shipping info (name, shipping address, email address. All info kept private and used for one time mailing only)
Thank you so much for reading!! Have a wonderful day ahead!!!xo…Hanh 😉
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16 thoughts on “A Cold Day in Deer Valley

  1. Hi Hanh,
    what do you mean, look absolutely fabulous without makeup, such a natural beauty you are. And as far as your style goes, girl you knock it out the ball park every time. You are truly an inspiration to me. Keep rockin'.

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    God Bless to all! :)

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