Feeling for Black

Wearing: American Apparel body suit, CdG skirt, Rick Owens jacket, Maison Martin Margiela curly ribbon leather necklace, Forever21 cuffs, Chanel bag, Ysl boots, and Nina Ricci sunnies.
I had this outfit taken a few days before Lunar new year and I didn’t have time to share. The color of this outfit is the lucky color of the Dragon year; Black. Because this year is the water Dragon, there is an exception to the rule: wearing black for luck, not red. Why is black the lucky color of the year? The water element in the five elements (metal, water, earth, wood, fire) system is related to black. Therefore, 2012 is the black Dragon, water Dragon, or black water Dragon. So black should be the dominant color in your wardrobe this year. Everybody!! Pair black with any vibrant color.
Also some said that gold is also a lucky color of this year because it is the color of the dragon.
Seriously, do you believe that wearing certain colors will bring you luck? Or just a superstitious thing…Or maybe you believe so strongly that you can make your day become a successful day because you are wearing your lucky color?? I personally don’t take it too seriously. But this way of thinking is interesting and I’d love to hear what you think about this.
Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!! xo…Hanh :)
Ps: last day to submit your photos to win Fashion Blog World’s Inspiration. Good luck!!
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18 thoughts on “Feeling for Black

  1. Good to know that black is the lucky color of this year, because I have a lot of black in my closet.

    just saying that, but I don't take this superstitious thing so seriously.


  2. Love your black look and that ribbon necklace is so fun!

    I always think it is interesting, but wear the colors that I like. However, I always DO try to wear red on Lunar New Year, even if it's a small thing like a bracelet!

    xo, sam

  3. I love the way you style your looks; you always bring an interesting element into your outfits.

    About this superstitious thinking, I don't believe it :)

  4. I think wearing a colour you love makes you feel happy and feeling happy gives you strength and ability to achieve many things. :)
    You look beautiful as always.

  5. I just found your blog a few minutes ago and LOVE it! My family and I live in Phuket, and I am a family travel writer. I would love to hear your perspective on traveling in style for moms with young kids.

  6. Hi Hanh,

    Nice new header.. i've been lost lately.. nice to get back in track with your blog again..

    Rebecca @ styleantagonist.blogspot.com

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