New York Trip Diary

I had the best New York trip for fashion week ever. Although, I didn’t attend many shows-just Doo.Ri and Thakoon but I enjoyed my trip so much. My kids had no school, so they were able to come along with me. It was our first girls’ trip, and we had an amazing time, filled with tons of sweet memories to last a lifetime. Not only being with my kids, but also to be with my great friends, Jason and Lucrecia. Lucrecia was the sweetest roommate ever. I was really enjoying my time with her; shopping, talking, sharing, chatting, dining…I wish she lived here!!! Another great thing of this trip was that we stayed at The Plaza Hotel New York for the first time for my kids. They wanted the feeling like Kevin had in “Home Alone.” The hotel has a timeless elegance, one of New York city’s finest, a place for celebrities, and a beautiful backdrop for so many famous movies.
Yes, I’m always thankful for my life and feel so blessed.
Here are our New York trip photo diary.
Waiting at the airport. My big girl looked instantly chic with a Lanvin Ipad cover and so cool with F21 jacket (similar here).

Cutest little girl. She had on Custo Barcelona Kids jacket, Justice hat.
My big girl borrowed my Balenciaga boots for the trip and wanted to borrow them forever. Lol!!!
I was ready for my dinner with Lucrecia and Jason. I had the great time!!
Wearing: Celine shearling jacket and bag, Virginia Johnson scarf, the Row leather leggings.

And paired this look with Raphael Young wings pumps.

I love Lucrecia’s new retro handset for Iphone and her ‘hijab‘ style.

Spot this guy at Open Ceremony with layers of bracelets and rings on.

Oh, yay!! The plaza.

The view of 5th Avenue and 58th Street / 59th Street from our room.

Final walk at Thakoon fall 2012 show at The Plaza’s ballroom.

Final walk at Doo.Ri fall 2012 at Eyebeam Art Center.

Time for window shopping.

Giuseppe Zanotti (similar here)
The kid’s activities. They enjoyed shopping at H&M Kids, F21 Kids, FAO Schwarz toy store, Apple store, riding in the horse carriage, and rollerblading in Central Park (believe or not, they packed their own roller-blades)…..
The kids had a great time at the Met museum with a Scavenger Hunt program; a fun way for kids to explore the museum.

At Nola studio. Before attending Mary Poppins musical Broadway show. The kids had a chance to learn to sing songs and dance with Tom Souhrada; one of the cast members.

They enjoyed making hand-made paper from fiber.
This is how the paper looks after adding colors and creation.
Thank you everyone for reading! Have a wonderful day!!! xo…Hanh :)
ps: Please, stay tuned for the announcement of the winner of Fashion Blog World’s Inspiration 2012.
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18 thoughts on “New York Trip Diary

  1. Thank you so much for sharing, Hanh. Love this post, everything about it.
    You are such an inspiration ( I say it every time I comment, so it's really true!)!

    I would love to come with you, I'd be a great roomie too…;-)

  2. JUST Doo.Ri and Thakoon? That's no small deal! I would have loved to have been there. You know how torturous it is to live in NYC and not attend any shows? :( You looked like you made the most out of your time here, gorgeous pics, and gorgeous little girls you have =)


  3. OH Hanh!

    To read your message already made my day!
    And now I´m as always watching your newest post.

    I so love when you wrote about the "memories you will have a lifetime".
    You care so much about your little sweethearts and how they go through life, learning and having fun at the same time.
    I know I said it before but I ove your daughters impression in the museum! So "Woooow" only a child can look!

    Hugs to you!!!

  4. Dear Hanh, I can't believe it's been already two years since I started reading and following your blog! Your girls seems to be young ladies now and your style is perfect as it used to be always:) Plus I visited so many great places and Fashion Weeks with you! Thank you!

  5. Thanks for sharing all these pics of Fashion Week with us!! You and your girls look like you had so much fun! And I remember those GZ booties on your twitter! LOVE them! :)

    xo, sam

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