Maison Martin Margiela Fall2012

I had a wonderful time at Maison Martin Margiela runway show in Paris. Of course, the show was amazing. I love their tuxedo jackets with the matching pants appeared entirely normal from the front until the models turned and I realized that the hems were several inches shorter in back. This design idea is very cool that you’re able to show off your fabulous heels and you still look tall in front. I also love the cuts, the hems of their skirts. The deconstruction of those pieces were great; so Margiela, so beautiful!

This was an invitation. It’s a mini flash light with a tag of your name and seat number. It’s a cool idea.

Thank you everyone for reading and have a lovely day ahead!! xo…Hanh :)
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7 thoughts on “Maison Martin Margiela Fall2012

  1. Wow this must have been a great show to attend. Interesting observation about the different hem lengths between front and back – personally I just long for a shoe that makes your legs look great without the risk of falling over and hurting myself, which I am terribly prone to do, even when standing perfectly still. I seriously cannot wear heals more than a couple of inches tall.
    Some of those looks seemed very 80's to me. Which I love!
    Its funny I always thought photography at such shows would be a big no-no but I see even your pictures show others taking pictures, so I guess I was wrong.
    Oh ya and the flashlight thing, very clever and memorable.
    Overall I love the look of your blog, fully entertaining and well put together and laid out. Hope your spring is a terrific one with many great fashion experiences.

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