Affair with a Pair

I said this already, but I should shout out it out loud this time: “I’m madly in love with these Margiela mesh boots!” I love the nakedness of it, and the lucite heel. I feel so sexy in these. They’re very airy, you know, and they are definitely my screaming-spring-drop-dead-gorgeous shoes for summer. I would style them with shorts, a dress, mini dress, skirt, miniskirt…Show your legs, let the air go through every corner of your toes, feel it -the air. Enjoy it…and be sexy. Why not? We just have one life to live. It’s sexy to show your toes in these completely sheer, mesh, see through boots. Lol!! I’m afraid that I’m having an affair with this pair. Please, don’t tell my husband :)

This is a vintage Chanel camera holder. I like to use it as a mini bag. I purchased it long ago at Resurrection.

Wearing: Isabel Marant ruffled cropped vest, NhaKhanh mesh thumb holed top, Margiela leather shorts and mesh boots. Lanvin ‘faces’ iPhone cover.
Thank you everyone for reading!! Have a lovely Easter weekend!! xo…Hanh :)
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16 thoughts on “Affair with a Pair

  1. WoW!! Amazing boots! You looked so good on those and your legs are sexy. I love a easy and fun feeling of this look.

    And your charming smile :)

  2. Hello to you dear Hanh!

    I share your love with these rocking Margiela mesh booties esp. the last picture is the most amazing ever!
    Love your iphone case :)

    Happy Easter Weekend with your family, sweetheart!!!

  3. These shoes are so amazing! I wish there was a side shot of the shoes with your outfit, would've loved to see the effect of the lucite heel

  4. Omg, how do you have two kids Hahn! I am LOVING those boots and that outfit. I like how you balanced the sheerness and showing your legs off with a long sleeved, textured top. I do the same thing – if I'm doing short on the bottom, I like to do long on top and vice versa. Keeps the mystery a bit. :)

  5. Hi Vivian,

    I know, but the pic of side shot didn't turn out clear…Sorry bout that :( However, you could see a side shot from the second last pic of the close-up one.


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