Life•in•Style Collar

Weeks ago while I was thinking about what to wear for a photoshoot with ??? magazine which the happened last week (can’t wait to share with you), I came up with an idea and designed this collar. I gave it the name Life•in•Style collar. I wanted this collar to be versatile and add a edginess, a interesting element to my look. It has layers of lace and leather. For sure, it has became one of favorite pieces in my closet. What do you think?
I styled it with NhaKhanh lace top and I thought it paired so beautifuly with the top. Sue Gragg cross earrings.

Love the details in the back.

Thank you everyone for reading!! Wishing you a happy Easter Sunday and a wonderful week ahead!!! xo…Hanh :)
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14 thoughts on “Life•in•Style Collar

  1. Hi Hanh,The collar is beautiful looks amazing paired with that gorgeous top.I would have love to see the complete outfit :)


  2. Love the lace blouse and the collar …. marvellous !!!

  3. Love the collar! Amazing design! You should have your own label.

    It paired perfectly with the lace top. Great styling!

  4. LOVE your new collar!! And congrats on the magazine shoot! Can't wait for the reveal! Hope you had a wonderful Easter! :)

    xo, sam

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