Affair with a Pair

I said this already, but I should shout out it out loud this time: “I’m madly in love with these Margiela mesh boots!” I love the nakedness of it, and the lucite heel. I feel so sexy in these. They’re very airy, you know, and they are definitely my screaming-spring-drop-dead-gorgeous shoes for summer. I would style them with shorts, a dress, mini dress, skirt, miniskirt…Show your legs, let the air go through every corner of your toes, feel it -the air. Enjoy it…and be sexy. Why not? We just have one life to live. It’s sexy to show your toes in these completely sheer, mesh, see through boots. Lol!! I’m afraid that I’m having an affair with this pair. Please, don’t tell my husband :)

This is a vintage Chanel camera holder. I like to use it as a mini bag. I purchased it long ago at Resurrection.

Wearing: Isabel Marant ruffled cropped vest, NhaKhanh mesh thumb holed top, Margiela leather shorts and mesh boots. Lanvin ‘faces’ iPhone cover.
Thank you everyone for reading!! Have a lovely Easter weekend!! xo…Hanh :)

A Tale of Two Shoes

I couldn’t say “no” to these Maison Martin Margiela mesh boots. I’m madly in love with them and I want to take them to bed with me every night. Really, I have no words to describe them-just so super cool.

And what do you think about these Prada? I totally understand what you may say: “Yes, they’re too of the moment”…”they’re really out there”…”No, thank you!”…”Yes, I love them”…”I want them for my cocktail table”… All the pieces from the dresses, the jackets, and the shoes of this Prada spring collection are ‘of the moment,’ like if you wear them twice everyone recognizes that as your piece right away. The collection is very strong, unexpected, unforgettable, and yet indelible in its fashion mark. It makes this collection very special. They are collector pieces, to be sure.
I will post it with an outfit soon :)

Thank you everyone for reading! Have a wonderful day ahead!xo…Hanh :)

Paris Street Style: Details

The picture below shows the details of my outfit. I wore this look on one of my free days and walked around Paris to capture the Paris street styles. Thank you Martina for this picture!

These cool shoes were from a beautiful girl on the street. I admired her for having bare legs on a cold day in Paris. It was raining and cold that day.

Great heels.
Great mix.
Love how the cream shows the details of her bag and collar. Great touch with bright lips.

Two pictures below show the details of my friend Martina’s outfit. Love her Hanna Bernhard lion statement necklace.

Awesome Chloe boots.

Thank you everyone for reading! Happy Sunday and a wonderful week ahead!xo…Hanh :)
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