Summer Colors

Photos by my sweet husband :)

These neon pink sandals, Cacharel, were purchased about a year and a half ago at Barneys New York in NYC.  They were 75% off final sale.  This is my second time to post them here.  I just love this pink neon color.   It’s so in.

Wearing: Zara shorts and top, Assad Mounser necklace, The Woods smiling Buddha necklace, braided cloth bracelets, vintage Chanel camera cover bag -worn as a mini bag, and Cacharel sandals.

Thank you everyone for visiting and wising you all a wonderful day!! xo…Hanh :)

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8 thoughts on “Summer Colors

  1. Yellow look so good on you Hanh! I know it might not sound convincing from a shoeholic like me;), but those Cacharel shoes are very special! Have a lovely day!

      • After so many years of love affair with shoes I learned that there are designer shoes in a good price! I do appreciate a lot the ones I scored as a good offer or on sale, it just feel special, like I was right person in the right place:)
        With this neon pink sandals from Cacharel, well dear Hanh, you was the right person in the right place! Have a fabulous day!
        P.S. If I might have a little request;) Could you please write how you take care about your shoes, do you use things such a outsole grips or resole your shoes, use shoe care (any favourites products)? Photo of your shoe closet is must see, please:)

  2. The Cacharel sandals are amazing, they are very unique and provide the perfect POP! :) love love love! and 75% off, even better!!

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