The Cutting Edge

This is my first time I styled Rick Owens with Celine.  Rick Owens and Phoebe Philo are tremendous designers.  Their design  are sculptural, very three-dimensional.  This look is stately elegance.  It’s sleek and very modern attitude.

This Rick Owens jacket is the one I wore it in previous post- as I said I had worn it  day and night, three days in a row.  Yes, I worn it as a fashion criminal :).  I wish the weather was still cool, I would continue to wear it everyday.

What I love about this Celine trousers is the detail of  the side and the overlap half front with black organza sheer fabric.

I liked to play with the collar in different look.

Photos by my sweet husband :)

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8 thoughts on “The Cutting Edge

  1. That is perfect modern look, love the final color touch you gave with pink lipstick and blue nails! P.S. Please, say from me “thank you” to your very talented photographer and husband, I know it takes a lot to be good photographer, but it is so much easier once you work with such a beautiful and stylish model!

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  3. Lovely your blog very interesting, i arrived by Ninis Blog.
    I hope you visit in my blog!!
    Scusi per il mio inglese, fa molto che nn lo parlo !!!
    kiss kiss
    baci 😉

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