Feng Shui Fashion

When I put this outfit together I wanted to bring Feng Shui into fashion, just for fun!

In China the frog is an emblem of Yin energy and thought of as good luck.  It’s also a symbol of renewal, opportunity.  While the gold fish brings good luck in the form of tranquility, wisdom and long life.  Feng Shui gold fish (and similarly so do other Feng Shui fish) is also a symbol of wealth and prosperity.  About water, it is meant to help the flow of balance, harmony and prosperity into one’s life.

So I guess whenever I wear this outfit I will get all the luck :) Lol!! Do you believe in Feng Shui? Please tell :)

My beloved Sue Gragg princess frog.  I love this ring so much!! And the clutch was from Grange Hall, a small unique boutique in Dallas.

Wearing: Forever21 tee, second hand Yohji Yamamoto fishes skirt, Nicholas Kirkwood heels (similar here), Beavaldes clutch, Sue Gragg ring, and Assad Mounser necklace from Forty Five Ten boutique (or similar here).

Photography by Kristi and Scot from D mag-StyleSheet.

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18 thoughts on “Feng Shui Fashion

  1. Mmh so Honestly my Feng Shui knownledge is a bit limited BUT the playful § haughty way you embody it highly tends to convince me I must confess (“Wink from a kind aesthete”) !

    a presto, Antoine

  2. I am interested in interior design Feng Shui, I even used few tips once I moved into my new House:) Yet another reason why your blog is so special to me, you always ‘touch’ so many subjects over here! As about your look, must say, love it from head to toe!:) May I wish to you and your Family amazing Weekend!

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  5. First off I have to say your sight is AMAZING!!!!!! I have you on my website on the side and I was wondering for the past 2 months why it wasn’t updating. Sure enough I clicked on it and this amazing site came up. I have to say this is the best fashion site I’ve seen it has really made an impression on me. Beyond that, I want to say you look fabulous in this outfit as do every other outfit that you showcase for us. Keep up the great work! You inspire me!

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