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Vancouver is a very pretty, clean, big, and fun city. It seems to me 50% Asian on the street and sometimes you will spot young people in Japanese street-style. Asian culture is influencing this city, especially food.  You also will see many Chinese Warrior statues around the town.  Talking about food, it is very good here. There are a lot of food trucks around ( they even have a Dim Sum food struck) and you’ll be surprised how good their food is. Here are some restaurants I highly recommend.  Kamei Royale-it’s casual Japanese cuisine, while Miku and Hapa Izakaya are more unique. Kirin is a Chinese restaurant specializing in dim sum style- best quality dim sum.  Cin Cin is a great Italian wood fired cucina, if you’re tired of Asian food. Western style restaurants around Vancouver Convention Center have good food but not excellent, although they have a beautiful view of waterfront and harbor (fun area). Oh! Don’t miss Bella Gelateria, a ice-cream store, it has got 2012 best ice-cream award in Florence Ice-cream Festival. I gained 6 pounds because of their ice-cream, my favorite flavor was black sesame-so yummy! Also, I really like the modern architecture here, there are many cool buildings around. Vancouver is a fun city and there are a lot of cool activities for you to do.  You could get on “Hop-on Hop-off” buses (it’s everywhere), harbor cruises, seaplanes tour, river rafting, whale watching,..or spend your day at Grouse Mountain (great zip-lining here).

Vancouver harbor at Canada Place and Convention Center. It's a great fun and pretty area to hang out.

The view of Vancouver city and its harbor from the other side, when we biked on Sea Wall trail (10km-about 6miles) around Stanley Park. Lion Gate bridge.

Different view of famous Lion Gate bridge.

The city reminds me of New York city but smaller. You will see many Chinese Warrior statues around the town.

We spent our day at the Grouse Mountain-the peak of Vancouver. There was still some snow when we were there. While my kids stood on the snow, my little girl said: "It's miracle that it still has snow in July". Actually, It's so cool to see snow in July.

The Eye of The Wind. It's 20 stories high and sits on top of the Grouse Mountain. It's the best spot for seeing the stunning panoramic views as you see in the picture above.

Thank you everyone for reading and have a happy Sunday and a wonderful week ahead!! xo…Hanh :)

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2 thoughts on “Vancouver City

  1. Hi Hanh!

    I call Vancouver home and I really enjoyed seeing the city through your eyes in your post. I’m glad you are having fun here! If you’re still in Vancouver, here are some other great restaurants I would highly recommend that you visit:

    1) Kingyo-this is a fantastic Japanese restaurant on Denman Street. It’s a short walk away from English Bay. Make sure to order any of their pressed sushi or stone bowl dishes.
    2) Maenam-my favourite Thai restaurant in the city. Their curries are fantastic and their cocktails are always refreshing and delicious.
    3) Thomas Haas-a chocolate lover’s heaven. He has two store locations-one on West Broadway, and one in North Vancouver. Here are the addresses: The desserts are to-die for. His classic hot chocolate is, in my opinion, the best hot chocolate in the city.
    4) Nicli Antica Pizzeria-the best pizza in the city. It’s located in Gastown, which is a fun neighbourhood to wander around and explore. Here is their website:

    Enjoy the city! Let me know what you think of these places if you get a chance to visit them. :)

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed Vancouver so much! I’m from there originally and I miss living there. It’s hard to find another city that matches Vancouver in beauty and quality! Bella and Kirin are some of my favourites! Did you get to meet the owner at Bella? He is so nice, and loves to chat with his customers when he’s in store. Biking around the seawall is also a classic Vancouverite summer activity that I miss very much.

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