Life on Deck

Wearing this outfit for a night out with my husband at a fancy restaurant, Remy, on our cruise ship, while the kids were at Kid Club.

I love starfish. They’re colorful, and to me, they’re like shining stars under the sea. Starfish ring (it was from a flea market on the street in Paris), and my drawing of s starfish on my toe nails are a cute touch for my Caribbean trip.

Wearing this Balenciaga scarf as a layer top. I basically fold the scarf in a triangle, wrap it over my shoulders from behind my neck and cross over the front, then around my waist, and tie the two ends together at my lower back. Underneath the scarf was a Forever 21 tank top. There! A new way to wear your big size scarf.

Wearing: Forever 21 tank top, Balenciaga scarf as a layer top, Rick Owens short-long skorts, vintage Persian necklace, flea market starfish ring, Cacharel heel sandals, and sunnies from Urban Outfitters.

Photos by husband.

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Have a wonderful day!! xo…Hanh :)

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5 thoughts on “Life on Deck

  1. And this scarf , the effortlessly fancy* way you flirt with it, better dazzles in such (haughty-flavored) immaculateness ocean Dear Hahn !
    * AND I can’t help BUT vote FOR the painted toes too I must add !

    à Bientôt, Antoine

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