Fall Floral Inspirations

I enjoy doing floral arrangements so much. It makes me happy.  In this post, I’d like to share a couple of chic ideas for fall floral decorating.

I’ve saved Hermes boxes and ribbons throughout the years. The Hermes box is very pretty and chic, and its color has a very fall feeling. So I stacked these boxes up to be the base for my floral arrangement.

Wrapping Hermes ribbon around the vase is a cool idea. You could recycle any of your pretty designer brand boxes and ribbons for this theme.

Do the same for your holidays treats. Use these Hermes boxes as cookies boxes. Make sure to add a few holiday theme decorations as you see here.  They are Halloween holiday cookies, so I added a owl and a little pumpkin.

The vase of the floral arrangement below was inspired by Tom Binns. I really love the color combo; hot pink ribbon, orange pumpkin plants, the red-pink hue of the filling flowers, and the white stone hue of the roses. It’s an unexpected color combo for a floral arrangement.

Louboutin shopping bag is so pretty. You could re-use it to deliver some beautiful flowers for your fashionable girlfriends, or you could put your floral arrangement inside the Louboutin shopping bag to decorate somewhere in a corner of your home.

Flowers in Hermes bag :). This was just for picture taking :)

Photos by me.

Thank you everyone for visiting! Have a wonderful day! xo…Hanh :)

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3 thoughts on “Fall Floral Inspirations

  1. Dear Hanh, your flower arrangements are beautiful! I love the feathers idea and the pink ribbon vase! In the past when I had more time I was also doing my flower arrangements, after your post I got inspired to start again, thank you!

  2. You’re such a renaissance woman! You can do everything, raise some beautiful kids, stay fit, make dinner, find time to decorate the house AND on top look als good as you do!

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