Street Style Paris Fashion Week S/S2013, part 2

Did you find your favorite one from the previous post, part 1? Those shots were outside Viktor & Rolf as well as these shots in this post. It was a fun experience chasing those guys with my high heels, lol! It was the sea of streetstyle photographers, bloggers, and Parisian people who came around and were happy outside the show to enjoy the fashion and the fun… Paris fashion week is marvelous yet chaotic, as always.

Thank you everyone for visiting! Have a wonderful day! xo…Hanh :)

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5 thoughts on “Street Style Paris Fashion Week S/S2013, part 2

  1. I like the white outfit in the last picture, though I think it seems “inappropriate” for fashion week, perhaps better suited for an evening event. Though if the worst thing that can be said was she was too elegant, she’s not doing too bad, especially compared to the parade of buffoonery some fashion week pictures have become. sorry to be so brutally honest, but i think this is a sentiment that is catching on. I also like the 2nd one of the jeans with the robe.

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