Men Street Style

These pictures were from New York to Paris.  I like capturing men’s street style.  I love to see men dressing well.  Especially, men dressed in colors and with interesting elements.  I must say I should give them a bow for their confident.  Japanese men’s outfit seems very interesting- very Comme des Garcons, and that gets my attention.

The last two pictures are Guerre, a street style photographer for Marie Claire and his own fashion blog,  He is the best dressed photographer ever.  I love the way he dresses, it’s classic yet modern.

Photos by me.

Thank you everyone for visiting!  Happy Sunday and a wonderful week ahead! xo…Hanh :)

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5 thoughts on “Men Street Style

  1. One reason so many men settle for wearing jeans is that they are the only pants that don’t cause everything to fall out of your pockets when you sit down. I have several pairs of dress pants made by Levi that also don’t have this dumping problem. I suppose they use the same pattern for the pockets as they do with their jeans although the fit is much better. I’ve been checking into your blog every few weeks for about one and a half years and I love the beautiful photos, keep up the good work! Nice to see you give a little attention to the men.

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