Only You, My Valentine!

Like the rain that falls endlessly

You fall deep into my heart

Like countless grains of sand

You fill up my heart

You’re my love who makes me tear even when I smile

I love you as much as you make my heart beat

Love with you, memories with you

It will go on forever, I promise you

You warm my heart

Your eyes control my every soul

The touch of your lips…heaven

Only you!

One and only…my love is forever!

I love you! I’m here waiting for you…

Only you, my love, my valentine!

Wearing this look tonight for my Valentine. Vintage Comme des Garcon skirt, top from NastyGal, Christian Louboutin pumps, Miu Miu fur collar, Love ring designed by my little girl when she was 7 year old for Sue Gragg Precious Jewels.

Photography by Kristi and Scot from @Dstylesheet

Thanks everyone for visiting! Enjoy your Valentine’s day with your loved ones!! xo…Hanh :)

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