On the Road

Just the simple white tee was a cool pairing for this look.

Wearing: Forever21 tee, Rick Owens jacket, Balenciaga leggings, Christian Louboutin boots, Hermes bag, Lanvin gold necklace, and Dzmitry Samal sunglasses from Parici boutique in Paris.

Photos by Kristi and Scot from @dstylesheet.

Have a happy Sunday and a wonderful week ahead! xo…Hanh :)

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8 thoughts on “On the Road

  1. I love this look! You are always my number one inspiration Hanh and to be very honest, this post/beautiful photos/great look and style made me to get dressy for today too! So here I am jumping in my Lanvin dress and pair of Balenciagas! Lots of love and have a great Sunday!

  2. Hahn that jacket is SICK!! You and Nini were the first to introduce me to the fabulous that is Rick Owens but the man keeps getting better. This Jacket is everything. Then coupled with the boots. Wow.

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