Welcome to Life In Travel. I’m Hanh Merriman, a mother of two daughters who want to be the best mom in the world, a wife who want to be the best wife ever, a blogger who is madly in love with travel and fashion. My husband has opened my eyes to the world of traveling and helped me become aware of my hidden passion. Traveling is an open door to different places, people, culture, and varieties of food. The world is a rainbow; it could be white or black and rich or poor. In the end, all sorts of colors blended and meshed together make a pretty colorful world. Traveling has built appreciation, positivity, and thankfulness for what I have in life. Growing up in Vietnam, my parents taught me that we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give-“Outreach and Giving”. In this blog, just for a fun side, I like to share with you my traveling experiences, lifestyle, food, my passion for cooking…and as well as my fashion sense. Fashion is all about having fun, and you should enjoy it. Fashion is art.  I like playing with your pieces, making an adventure of it, and having experience with my looks to expresses who I am, my mood of that day, my attitude,  and my way of thinking about fashion. I hope you all enjoy my blog. Thank you for reading and share the love!

Hanh Merriman

Founder and Style Blogger of Life In Travel

Feel free to contact me for inquiries regarding styling assignments, hosting parties, or collaboration

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I'm flattered to be named as one of the best dressed people from Vanity Fair, D Magazine, D Moms magazine, PaperCity...to Dallas Modern Luxury. Also, I'm honored that my outfits are featured in New York Fashion, Style, Marie Claire, Elle, Glamour...during New York/Paris Fashion Week. With my fashion sense, and as a style blogger of Life In Travel, I'd love to share and help you evaluate and highlight your lifestyle to establish your own personal style identity from your casual daily looks to special events and travel trips. Please contact me for more details and information about the services. All the money collected will be donated to Vietnam-based charities.