Seafood Kabob

Yummy homecooked seafood kabob, wild caught King salmon, Chilean sea bass, shrimp, red bell pepper, and onion. Served with lemongrass organic wild rice. This dish was a perfect pairing w/ Burgundy-Clos de Tart.

  • Ingredients: any kind of fish (your choice), shrimp, you could add muscle and clam. Bell pepper and onion or any kind of veggie you prefer, little salt, garlic powder, cracked black pepper. Cooking oil. Some stick and foil.


  • Preparing: clean your seafood, cut the fish in small pieces as well as bell pepper and onion. Sprinkle the seafood with some salt, garlic powder, cracked black pepper. Put your seafood and veggie on the stick, alternating them. Brush it with a little bit of cooking oil. Now you have beautiful kabobs.


  • Cooking: Heat up your grill in high heat. Use foil to set on top of your grill. Put  the kabobs on the foil, and grill for about 15 to 20 minutes. Enjoy your yummy healthy kabobs.


You could serve your kabobs with any kind of rice. I served it with lemongrass wild rice. Enjoy!

Have a wonderful day to you all! Hanh.


These photos were my travel during my stay in Paris for fashion week. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for my daily picture updates. I’d love to see you there, also.

Have a lovely weekend! xo…Hanh :)


Nonna is located at 4115 Lomo Alto Drive in Highland Park, owned by a young chef, Julian Barsotti, a Dallas native. He is doing something rather daring: changes his menu constantly. The young chef travels to Italy every year, returning energized and bursting with ideas, inspired by whatever region he’s visited.
Nonna’s food is fresh, innovative, and well prepared. House made pastas, sausages, and pizza…are excellent. I’ve been here many times and every single dish that I order is always delicious. This restaurant is for people who appreciate fine food. To me, it’s the best Italian restaurant in town, some said “Best one outside of Italy.”
Bread is baked in a wood burning oven in the main dinning room is served at the start-it’s like a pita, it’s puffed, basted lightly in oil and sprinkle with salt. It’s served steaming hot on your table. I love this bread! This restaurant is full every night and you should make a reservation.
Here are a few dishes that we’ve had. As I said, every dish is outstanding.
Wood oven roasted baby octopus with salad verde, potatoes, and olives.

Beets, avocado, and citrus salad.

Snapper alla piccata with braised rainbow chard and baby artichoke.

Lardo wrapped rabbit lion and quail in porchetta with farrotto and cipolline onions.

Thank you everyone for reading!! Hope this makes you hungry :-). Have a lovely day ahead!! xo…Hanh :)


If you are in Park City Utah, and hungry for Italian food. I highly recommended Grappa restaurant. It’s located in Park City’s historic Main street. The restaurant is narrow and 3 stories high. It’s very charming and has friendly almostphere . The food was so light, fresh, and prepared with simple ingredients. Dining here was so delightful that we came back twice during our stay in Park City.
Complimentary by the chef, Fonduta di Piemonte.

Prosciutto and Sage wrapped shrimp “saltimbocca”
Beet salad with crispy goat cheese, Reduced Balsamic Vinegar.
Pan seared Sea Scallops.

Have a wonderful day ahead, everyone!! xoxo…Hanh :)

Kim Anh

If you are in Paris-France and you are tempted to eat Vietnamese food. You should go to Kim Anh. It’s located in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, 51 avenue Emile Zola. It is a family-run-restaurant. It’s small, cozy, and nice decor. The food is absolutely delicious and just likes mama’s home-cooking. It’s the best Vietnamese food outside of Saigon. Every single dish that I tasted was perfectly balanced with fresh ingredients. I wish the restaurant was in Dallas, so I could dine there every week.
Believe it or not, I have been dreaming about their seafood salad with pineapples.

Spring roll. (I enjoyed eating it and forgot to take photo when it came out, sorry :) )

Sour hot soup.

Ground beef wrapped in betel leaf.

Thank you everyone for visiting!!! Have a wonderful day ahead!!

Chocolate Secrets

If you are in the Dallas area and you crave good chocolate, I mean deliciously good ones like the famous Belgian chocolate, then you should stop by the Chocolate Secrets store on 3926 Oak Lawn.Kate Graver, a 24 year old, looks to everything from Jackson Pollock paintings to flowers for inspiration and transforms that into her chocolate. Each one is a bite-sized work of art, individually molded, and airbrushed. Each bite is delicious and melts in your mouth. It comes with different flavors, such as sea salt/caramel, spice pumpkin, lavender dark chocolate…my favorites are espresso dark chocolate, and rum dark chocolate.

These heart shapes are perfect for a gift for your loved ones or for a valentine.

The assorted box is a perfect gift for Christmas.

I LOVE dark chocolate! Bittersweet 75% cacao dark chocolate is good for your heart and Yumm!!!… How about you? Do you like dark or white chocolate?
Big hugs…Hanh :)

Omakase at Nobu Dallas

Let’s see what the press and celebrities have said about NOBU:
“The world’s hippest restaurant chain” – Vogue
“The world’s sexiest restaurant” – The Observer
“Best restaurant Period” – Time out New York
“The man who reinvented Japanese food” – Jean Georges Vangerichten
“You can tell how much fun a city is going to be if Nobu has restaurant in it”-Madonna
“….heaven on earth and sex on a plate” – Kate Winlest

NOBU currently has 25 restaurants in 21 different cities around the world. Nobu restaurants are named after the world reknown executive chef/owner Nobu Matsuhisa who has a longtime friendship and business relationship with famous actor Robert De Niro.

Nobu Dallas has became one of the hottest restaurants in the city since it opened. It is located in the Crescent Court hotel. Nobu offers a relaxed atmosphere, and permits casual clothing but your jeans better be designer if you’re going for a casual look :) The menu features Nobu’s signature new style Japanese cuisine as Yellowtail sashimi Jalapeno, Seared Toro with Karashi Sumiso, Toro Tartare with Caviar, Black Cod with Miso.

Nobu Dallas is one of our A list favorite restaurants. When it comes to dining at Nobu Dallas, we always have Omakase style at the sushi bar. We highly recommend to sitting with head sushi chef Mitsuhiro Eguchi who was a chef for Nobu NYC. He understands his food and cooks with his heart. I also want to credit executive chef Matt Raso who is behind the kitchen for hot dishes.
Although for us, it’s omakase style. We always request to start with Sea Urchin Shooter. It could be very addictive when you get it.

Lobster with hearts of palm.

Matsutake Kettle Soup. Matsutake mushrooms are one of the many kinds of edible mushrooms that grow in Japan, and are said to be the king because of their wonderful aroma and elegant flavor. The pairing of this mushroom with a clear soup is a classic combination, but Nobu style consists of adding a twist to this familiar dish in the form of the chicken, shrimp and squid. Matsutake Kettle soup is a seasonal dish for fall/winter which is the perfect time for hot soup. It’s served in a classic teapot. You’re expected to drink it like tea and have addition of chicken, shrimp, and squid at the end.Beautiful presentation of sashimi plate.

Exotic Salmon Eggs sashimi. Seared Toro Karashi Sumiso; KSM.

Grilled Wahu Beef on Japanese Roof Tile. You will grill it at your table. Compliment your meal with sake in a wooden box. We like it this way. the wooden box enhances the taste of your sake because you can taste the wood. It’s just like you have a certain glass for a certain wine. The view of the bar from the sushi bar.Thank you everyone for visiting and comments! Wishing you all a wonderful day!! Hugs…Hanh :)

Under the Sea

Since I got back home from Paris. I’ve been inspired to post, post, post…I’m busy but I’ve worked out my schedule to make time for blogging :)I’m a seafood person. I love fish, prawn, lobster, crab, clam..etc…The only time that I ate lots of meat was when I was pregnant with my two kids. Yes, my brain was telling me that I hated seafood. Especially, FISH that I couldn’t stand for its smell.

Here are some pictures of seafood dishes that I’ve captured through my travel.
At Hiramatsu restaurant in Paris, 52 rue de Longchamp: white fish with green apple, pear, and red bell pepper.
Pasta with clam sauteed in butter sauce, at Aurora in Dallas. Now, it is Nosh; a Euro bistro style restaurant on 4216 Oak Lawn Avenue.Fresh langoustine with tabbouleh at Faventia restaurant at the Four Seasons Resort Provence.Sardines and caviar tomatoes salad, also at Faventia.Rare grilled toro (fatty tuna belly) at Nobu in Dallas, 400 Crescent Court. Now, NOT Under the Sea :)
This is one of my favorite Christopher Ross belts. Gazelle head buckle. I like it when it sits off one side on the waist.Wearing Jcrew denim shirt, Alexander Wang quilted denim shorts, Alaia ponyhair hiking booties.Rebecca Minkoff Boyfriend bag.Thank you everyone for visiting and comments! Wishing you all a wonderful day! Hugs…Hanh :)

Jeffrey Campbell

I’m in the mood for less expensive shoes, but still fabulous shoes. Look at these shoes below, don’t you think they’re amazing? They definitely made it into “My A list of fabulous shoes in my closet.” This is an example that you don’t have to spend lots of money to have fabulous shoes. Thank you to Solestruck and Freepeople website. But, if you want to spend to the max for higher end designer brand shoes and your pocket allows you to do so, then why not go for it. My thinking about fashion is all about spending what you’re comfortable with, having fun, being happy and confident…
These Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots are from Solestruck. They’re ridiculously comfy, definitely high and so hot. Love it!

And these Miramar straps Platform wedges are from Freepeople, also Jeffrey Campbell. I love the straps. The shoes are amazingly light, comfy, and awesome. I love Jeffrey Campbell shoes!


In Vietnamese cuisine, there is a dish called “Bo tai chanh”, it means beef carpaccio cured with lemon juice. One day, I was tired of beef and wanted something different, but I wanted the same flavor as Bo tai chanh. Here is what I came up with: Fresh salmon carpaccio cured with lemon juice.

Here’s what you need: sweet-sour fish sauce, 1 sliced red bell pepper, 1 sliced orange bell pepper (you could use any color bell pepper that you like), 1 medium side sliced red onion, a handful of cherry tomatoes (sliced them in half), a handful of chopped cilantro, a handful of chopped rice-paddy herb (called Ngo Om in Vietnamese), minced a handful of unsalted roasted peanuts, 8 oz of fresh lemon juice (I used about 6 large fresh lemon), a thin bed of mixed green salad in a large plate, and I sliced fresh sockeye salmon about 3 cups. The preparation as you see in the pic below. First, put sliced fresh salmon in 8 oz fresh lemon juice for 10′. During this time, you mix sliced bell pepper and sliced cherry tomatoes with 2 tablespoons sweet-sour fish sauce. Then, you even out this mix on top of the bed of mixed green salad. Pour over this bed the fish sauce which you use for the mixing as in the picture below.

After 10′, you drain out the salmon from the lemon juice (to make sure it’s comply drained). Transfer the salmon into a big bow. Now, add 1/8 teaspoon salt, 1/4 teaspoon concentrated fish sauce, sliced red onion, chopped peanuts, and 1 tablespoon sweet-sour fish sauce. Mix. After that, pour evenly over the top of the green salad-bell pepper-cherry tomatoes bed as you see in the picture below. There, you have a delicious, healthy salad. Enjoy it with a glass of white Burgundy!! Let me know how it turns out for you :) To make sweet-sour fish sauce: 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice, 1 tablespoon concentrated fish sauce, about 3/4 tablespoon sugar, 2 tablespoon water. You could add more water depending on if you want it less or more salty. I use Viet Huong-Three Crabs brand fish sauce.

Thank you everyone for visiting and comments! Wishing you all a wonderful day!! Hug…Hanh :)

ps:I try to post once a week. I’ll update to share my looks, food, places, etc…daily on twitter-lifeintravel. I’m thinking about facebook. I’ll let you know if I have one :)

Not For Under 21

What is your favorite cocktail drink in summer? Mine is a fabulously creative strawberry martini and mojito. I’m normally not a drinker, but these two are exceptions.

This is the strawberry martini; vodka, a touch of vermouth, and strawberry. It’s fun to sip with my husband at home when we watch TV and the kids are in bed. I love the sweetness and acid of the strawberry in this drink- it’s so refreshing.
Mojito is great. The peppermint aroma and a touch of lime is very refreshing. But the one in this picture had too much of peppermint, to me.And this is a not so G-rated nude motif top from MiuMiu. I love the cat, the daisy, the nude figure, the sequin, and sheerness here. This top is perfect for cocktail hour ;-).
I style it with a Proenza skirt. Anton Heunis cuff.
Thank you for the love and comments!!
Wishing you a wonderful day!!!Kisses…Hanh 😉
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