Kimme Winters necklaces incorporate unusual artifacts and mixes them with a variety of pendants such as: Buddha, cross, charm of Mary, medallions, heart charm..ect…and beads which make her necklaces are different.
This red beaded with mixed pendants and Cross is my third one from her design. I love the bright red shade of these beads and I’ve got a fun idea to wear it across the shoulder. Yet, it is my new way to wear a long chain necklace. It’s different and fun.
To see my other Kimme Winters necklaces, here.

These colorful plastic bracelets is a gift from one of my friends. And I got this photo below from my friend’s twitter, Carlo @cfashionstyle, to share. I really like the way that he captured the object and the lighting of this photo, I think it’s very artistic.
Wearing: Top from Free People, Rick Owens skirt, Johnny Farad clutch, and Nina Ricci sunglasses.
Have a wonderful day to you all!! x0…Hanh :)

Love, Rock!

I should have shared this post about 6 months ago.
As you know, my little daughter who loves art is very creative. I’ve been sharing with you her drawings, her clothing designs for herself and her doll. Once more, I’m proud to share these rings which she also designed. Remember, she’s only 7!
One day, months ago, when my little girl and I had a chance to have dinner with my sweet friend, Sue Gragg, Sue asked my girl: “What would you like to be when you grow up?”. My girl said, “Designer”. Sue said “I’m a jewelry designer and have my own store, so can you design jewelry for me?”. My little girl confidently said “sure”, and quickly grabbed a piece of paper and sketched these rings without thinking. She sketched them in a seconds with a crayon. Thank you to my sweet friend, Sue Gragg, for transforming my girl’s sketches into real rings! Sue did wonderful work keeping the original design, especially the way she wrote the words.
I love my little girl’s expression with the exclamation mark

The heart outline is so cute!
Check out Sue Gragg’s website (her jewelry is the best quality and exquisite) and you could place a special order for these rings if you wish.
Have a wonderful day to you all! xo…Hanh :)

Our Sweet Moments

These pictures were taken a few weeks ago when we were in NYC.

Being a mom, I always enjoy the kisses and hugs from my kids. I truly cherish those special moments. Yes, I’m definitely addicted to snuggling with them, I’m sure they are, too. Here was candid photo, a sweet kiss from my lovely big girl.

O-Oh! You’ve probably seen this often in a family; the moment that is the kids are loving each other and the next moment fighting. And a mom must listen to both sides to be a fair judge. Here was that moment:

A fair judge is important to turn any fight into a happy, loving ending :)

Anyway, back to the fashion, I’ve received countless compliments every time I’ve worn this Hanna Bernard lucky cat necklace which I special ordered from HB team months ago. Finally, I had it. Yet, I’m deeply in love with it. I’m so glad that I came up with this custom made cat necklace idea, my Japanese lucky cat is my treasure. And the work of HB team is always impressive.

Wearing: Madewell tee, Banana Republic linen skirt, Junya Watanabe jacket, Hermes leather bracelet, sunglasses were bought on the street in Barcelona .
Have a lovely day ahead!!x0…Hanh :)

Hanna Bernhard Chameleon Pin

I took these pictures of the Hanna Bernhard chameleon pin sometime long ago when the kids and I decorated our spring garden. I really like the way this shade of green and fuchsia colors combine. The chameleon was hiding so well with these flowers. I haven’t had a chance to style this pin yet, although I’m happy to use it as decoration around the house. Yes, Hanna Bernhard design is very inspirational and one of the kind.

Have a lovely day ahead to you all! xo…Hanh :)

Hanna Bernhard Turtle Pin

Up Date: For my readers who concerns about ordering Hanna Bernhard customized pieces, I got the answer from them : “If anyone wants to order a piece from us, they are very welcome! You can write to us through our site or directly to our address :”
To know more details, check out their post, here.
In Asia, the turtle represents cosmic order: its shell is symbolic of the enlightenment/heavens, its body symbolic of earth, and its under-shell represents the underworld. The turtle has been known as a symbol of longevity, protection, strength, and patience. To me, its a symbol for being lucky. I’ve noticed that every time when I see a turtle, a good thing will come to me. Is it too superstitious? Anyway, I love turtles.

I adore this Hanna Bernhard turtle pin. It also can be a pendant necklace. Hanna Bernhard jewelry is always special.

It was on the stand.
I wore this outfit long ago to meet the Hanna Bernhard team for lunch when they visited Dallas; my old Dries sweater, old Marni shoes, MMMargiela, and F21 legging.
Photos were taken by my husband and me.
Wishing you all a longevity and a lucky life!!!xo…Hanh!

Lydia Courteille Jewelry

During my stay in Paris for fashion week, I accidentally walked into the Lydia boutique without looking at the store name. I looked around and said “This jewelry looks like Lydia.” The sale person said “Yes, it is the Lydia boutique.” “Oh! Wow!!!” I was so excited. I mean every single piece is magnificent and has its own unique design. There are hundreds of them; rings, cuffs, pendant necklaces….It’s quite large and an incredible collection. Her creations are like stories to read. Along with her design collection, the boutique also carries her personal jewelry collection. If you are in Paris, don’t forget to visit her store on rue St Honore, near the Place Vendome intersection.

However, if you are in Dallas and thirsty for Lydia Jewelry, I highly recommend you visit Grange Hall on 4445 Travis. This boutique exclusively carries lydia jewelry in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. Here are some pieces just arrived and available now at Grange Hall. If you’d like to see more pieces, please visit the store.

This ring is incredible in person. Underneath the mask is black and rose diamonds. You will also be surprised to see more details and diamonds underneath the ring. It’s like a secret that you never can tell…This secret is just for those who own it.

Its side.
African mask earrings.

Snake earrings with black diamond and cherries coral.

This ring is too stunning.

Hope you enjoy it! Have a fabulous weekend to you all!! xoxo…Hanh :)

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Haha…This tittle is silly, but I love it! I also love the movie too! :) Have you seen this movie yet?
Anyway, months ago, I had a chance to meet Nathalie and her husband Fernard at their studio in Paris. They are a team who make Hanna Bernhard jewelry; a unique, hand made, exquisite jewelry. I always love thing that is dragon. Dragons symbolize power and happiness. Yes, I ordered a dragon necklace. This is their first time to make something like this and it was a great challenge for them, they said. No surprise! With their experience and talent, the dragon necklace is amazingly beautiful and its details are exquisite. It’s truly a statement and a mind blowing piece. I’m really happy with it.
Yesterday, Dallas weather was suddenly cooler. It was a perfect time for me to style it with a vintage fur that I recently found. To give an edginess to the outfit, I paired it with The Row leggings and my gloves that I bought them in Paris at a local store long ago.

Thank you QC for the photos and his wife Nancy for make-up. You’re both the best. QC, your photos are always beautiful!
Thank you everyone for visiting and comments! Have a lovely weekend! xoxo…Hanh :)
Check out QC website here!

The Woods Trunk Show at Fortyfiveten

Meeting The Woods sisters: Shawn and Samantha at their trunk show at boutique 4510 this past weekend was wonderful. They are very sweet and kind. About the trunk show…it was incredible amazing. There were so many extraordinary beautiful pieces, they were to die for. Here are some:

I love their creative idea. They use a lobster claw clasp for attaching pendents to the chain.

Some kind of stone with antler attaching.

I love this fat happy Buddha face :)

Flame it up.

The picture doesn’t do it justice. Octopus.

They told me that the metal king pendent is an antique that they found somewhere in Asia. I totally forgot where exactly. Wow! looks like I need DHA or some kind of brain booster vitamins..LOL... Anyway, it looks Thai to me.

Another angle of this pendent.

Big thank you to The Woods sisters for allowing me to take these pictures! and also thank you so much for the little gifts to my kids. The kids adore them :)
Thank you everyone for visiting and comments! I hope you have a wonderful day! Big hugs…Hanh :)
Ps: more about The Woods, click here.

Le Blob Jewelry

Hi everyone,
I hope you’re doing well. It’s just a quick post to share with you a jewelry designer; Fernando Akasaka. He is from Sao Paolo, Brazil and his roots is Japanese. He began his career a furniture designer. Later on, he created his jewelry line; Le Blob, in October 2009. His jewelry’s work has developed an exclusive range of handmade jewels made of solid .950 sterling silver or .750 gold(18k). I’ve found his jewelry is very striking, strong, and bold. His inspiration comes from nature: from sea anemones to snake, from coral to talons to bones. Click on his website to see his collection, and here are some:


NecklacesHis furniture line; F.AKASAKA which it is modern, contemporary. It has featured in many magazine as Vogue, Casa Luxo, Casa Vogue..ect…I describe his furniture is sculptural, functional art, handcrafted quality of the finished product. He said “My client is eclectic, and always looking for something new, original and unique.” I told him that I would love to have his furniture piece in my house someday. Please, check out his furniture website to see his incredible work.

Thank you everyone for visiting and comments! Wish you all a lovely weekend! Hug…Hanh:)
ps: I just signed up for facebook, and set up the Bloglovin. Please, follow me :))


I love this Kimme Winters necklace which I found it at boutique Fortyfiveten. The blue beads, the cross, and the Buddha pendant-these elements make this necklace is interesting. Yes, I thought about giving it a nickname: Diversity, Undecided, Indecision or “Living Buddha, Living Christ” by Thich Nhat Hanh. What would you name it?
I paired it with a vintage ram necklace. Jcrew shirt, Isabel Marant fall 2010 pants.

Here, my first Kimme Winters Buddha necklace was years ago. I noticed that Kimme’s necklaces incorporate unusual artifacts and mixes them with a variety of pendants such as: Buddha, cross, charm of Mary, medallions, heart charm..ect…and beads which make her necklaces are different. Miu Miu shoes.Thank you everyone for visiting and comments! Wish you a wonderful day ahead! Hugs…Hanh :)

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