Peek into My Bag

You don’t have a chance to see what I carry with me daily in my bag, but you’re about to. I usually prefer to carry a medium size bag rather than a big one because the bigger the bag the more junk I carry. I like to keep only my necessary things in my bag and make it simple. I only prefer a big size bag when it comes to travel for my carry-on. Yes, I’m attached to my mom and dad’s gifts, my husband’s photo (doesn’t show here), my kid’s pictures, our “best friend club” necklaces…things that I love to have with me wherever I go because these things are a part of my life.

Thank you Raya Ramsey from D magazine for this opportunity to share what is in my bag to D magazine’s readers! It is a great chance to inspire me to share this to my readers as well.

Hi my sweet readers! Please click here to see the article. I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you for reading and comment! Have a lovely day! xo…Hanh :)

The Black

The Black

Chloe terry buckle zipper boots, Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain suede zipper boots, GZ for Balmain buckle boots.


1. How do you keep your body slim and tone after having kids? Do you have a regime or some secrets you can share?.
I absolutely don’t have a regime, but I would love to share whatever I do. I eat everything in balance. I try not to eat much butter and sweets. Doing activities with my kids helps. Before kids, 8 years ago, I did work out 2 or 3 times a week for 1 hour each time. During pregnancy and after kids, I quit working out. Four years ago, I started doing yoga for about 1 year and I quit again. I should go back though, but I’m too lazy. So, You might ask ” How do you keep body tone since you don’t work out for years?”. Well, I’m maybe lucky, or perhaps the games that I play with my kids helps. I also inherited my mom’s gene who is 74 years old, had 11 kids, still looks great.

These are the games that I play 2 times a week. It helps me tone my legs and arms and my kids love it too. We all enjoy that.
For the legs. Game one, we call it ” Air plane”.
This position is called ” Take-off”.

This position is called ” Flying high”. I do these two positions up and down for 40 to 50 counts. We count together in English, Spanish, Vietnamese.Therefore, my girl can learn to count in different language.For the legs. Game two, we call ” Down-up”. Again, we count together and I do many counts for these two position. After doing these games, you will feel sore at your thigh, calf and bottom.Captured her enjoying moments.For the arms, we play a game called “Being baby”. I carry her like a baby in both arms, face up and walk around the room talking/kissing her like a baby. I explained to her doing this game helps tone mommy’s arms. Therefore, she doesn’t get the wrong message to whine like a baby. To be honest, my abs aren’t that tone. I should do some sit-ups to tone it, but I hate doing that. I mean hate! I’m happy with the way it is now, as long as not too big.;-)

2. How do you take care of your healthy hair? How do you get a slight wave? Do you cut it often?
I cut it every 3 months. I used to use Dove shampoo, but I recently started using Biotin Strengthening shampoo from Nature’s Gate at Whole Foods. I don’t use conditioner often enough, but I use Biosilk for my hair’s ends. I don’t use hair products like gel, mouse,…I rarely use hair spray. I also don’t use much hair straightener except for a few times for straightening hair. I let my hair air-dry in summer, and blow dry at the roots in winter. It’ very funny that my hair used to be more coarse and super straight. After having kids, my hair changed into more fine and natural slight waves.

I hope you all enjoy this post. I wish everyone have a relaxing, joyful weekend with your family and friends. Big hugs to you all…Hanh!!!!


I wore Alaia top, Fallon necklace, Lanvin bag, spring09 Giuseppe limited edition shoes, F21 shorts.

My messy hair and the back details of the blouse. McQueen skull ring.
Karolinka has few questions for me, and I’d like to share my answers for all my fabulous fellow readers because I thought that you all might like to know something more about me.
  1. You wear a lot of open shoes, do you take care special way about your foots? Any favourite product or treatment? Answer: I usually don’t go to nail salon get pedicure treatment. I like to do it by myself at home because I save a lot of time for that. I just clean them well at shower and apply Neutrogena Heel Moisturizing Treatment. I love this product.
  2. What is your favourite nail enamel colours? I’ve seen you wear black colour few times. Answer: I actually don’t wear nail color polish everyday, just like to wear clear polish. I’ve been wearing black sometimes for fun and for pictures. Black is cool. To be honest, I’m simple and easy about wearing nail polish.
  3. I heard this coming season matt enamels (mainly grey color) are in fashion. What do you think about them, will you try them? Answer: I open for anything. I maybe try to wear them for fun. I’m easy and fine either way; wearing nail polish or not.

I hope you all enjoy the post. Thank you very much everyone for visit my blog and sweet comments. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!!!! Big hugs…Hanh 😉

ps: my secret: when I wear sunglasses for picture that when I don’t wear make-up, just lip stick. Please, do not tell anyone about my secret, sh!!!!!

Take Cover

As you see, statement gloves and tall boots are super hot this F/W09 season. Love, love these Rick Owens jackets and gloves.

Left: Roberto Cavalli gloves. Right: Phi leather gloves.

Left: Marni gloves, Antonio Berardi shearling boots. Right: Phi leather gloves, Giuseppe Design platform boots.
Left: Carolina Amato rabbitand cashmere mitten,Prada rubber waders. Right: Undercover red-black gloves, Hussein Chalayan leather waders.
I’d love to say thank you everyone for your support and kind comments. I’m happy to receive a Award from Janettaylor (Janetteria) And from Susan (NearlyStylish).I’m also very pleasant to receive the Tag from Brigadeiro (Brigadeirochoc).Thank you to you all for Awards and Tag.I would love to pass these Awards to The Little Fashion Treasury, Mode Junkie, Modediktat, Phi Style, Mom and Son, We wear Things, Ninistyle,Heights of Fashion, ThumbelinaFashionista , Marian KihigoAnd this is the Tag, 10 true things about me:
  1. I love to eat Durian, anything with durian.
  2. I love dark chocolate.
  3. My kids swim better than me :-(
  4. I attended 1st grade when I was 5 years and 4 months old 😉
  5. My parents have 11 kids and I’m the youngest one.
  6. Looking at cherry blossom makes me happy 😉
  7. I love cooking.
  8. I’m addicted to my kids and vice versa.
  9. I enjoy skiing with my family.
  10. I’m usually the last one go to bed.I hope you all have a fantastic day!!!xoxo…Hanh 😉

The finish line

Hi everyone,

Thank you very much everyone from the bottom of my heart for your kindness and support of my blog. I wish I have prizes for all of you but unfortunately I just have one Giving away Gift this time. I should have a Give away Gift every month because you all are such sweet supporters. And we had many many ties. Following the rules, we had a random pick for the winner. Now, allow me to announce the winner…Congratulations to Pret a`Porter PFinally, I’d like to post my awards and tags that I’ve received from the past month from fabulous bloggers. Thank you to Fashion Titbits for giving me the Lovely blog Award, thank you The Left Look for Kreativ blogger Award, thank you Karolina for Gold Medal of the Best Blog and San Francisco Stylephile for the tag with 6 things that make me happy. Also, the Kreativ Award requires that I post 7 things that are true about me. It’s so funny that I about to post this and I got message about giving me Award from Janetteria , thank you Janettaylor. It also requires to reveal 10 things about me. Here they are:

  1. I’m happy when I see my husband and my kids laugh.
  2. I’m happy when my big daughter tries to eat something new (she’s picky-eater).
  3. Can’t wait for my parents come here to visit.
  4. I suck at computer technique, but I learn fast.
  5. I never go to nail salon, I’m happy to do it myself at home.
  6. I’m not a good driver and very bad at direction.
  7. I just remembered that my memory is not as great as it was before. I’m forgetting thing easily now, LOL.
  8. I’m sensitive person but I try to conceal it. Yes, Janettaylor, I just like you on this one.
  9. I can handle hot summer very well.
  10. I sleep with my two girls on the weekend nights because I love to snuggle with them in the next mornings.

I wore sheer black 8 or 9 years old BCBG top, Emanuel Ungaro skirt, pony fur Givenchy shoes, Prada crocodile clutch.

I wish you all have a wonderful day!!!! hugs…Hanh 😉


I would love to say thank you to everyone for your continuing support and sweet comments. If you are a blogger, you would understand it ‘s not easy to frequently update the blog with your life and family activities. I try my best to update my blog and hope you all enjoy it. So please, when you visit my blog try your best to leave a kind comment to encourage me to keep up my work. Thank you very much for your time!!…. You know I read every single comment and I try my best to visit your blog as well. If you have a question, I’ll try to reply by email, through your blog or on my comment page. Many of you had a few questions, requested me to post them and also want to know me little more. This is it.

Skin care product and routine?
I use L’Oreal cleaner for cleaning my skin in the morning and at bed time. After cleaning is L’Oreal toner. I use SISLEY face moisturiser for day and night. Sisley is an expensive product, $400 per jar, but it’s worth it for your skin investment. One jar lasts about 9 months. So, if you divide $400 into 9, it doesn’t cost much per month. I also use eyes cream from Sisley, one jar last me over a year. When it comes to skin care, I won’t be cheap because it’s important to protect and keep your skin looking young and healthy rather than getting a face lift later on. It’s unnatural to me. I also get a facial 4 times a year when the seasons change.
What product line do you use for your makeup?
I use Bare Naturale L’Oreal for foundation. I love this foundation much more than Serge Lutens which I tried once before and it’s expensive, it’s not worth it. Shimmer blush from Bobbi Brown, eye shadow also Bobbi Brown. Lip gloss is whatever line, I don’t stick with one.
How do you keep clothing clean when you’re with your kid? Do you look nice and fashionista 24/7?
When I stay home with my kids or run errands with them, taking them to gymnastics, ballet or ice-skating, etc., I wear normal clothing from Gap, Hollisters or Madewell and have no makeup or maybe just a little. It’ s ok to be dirty. When I’m dining out with them, having a date with my husband, going out with my friends or going shopping…I become fashionista. Every week, we have family dining out and I have a dinner date twice with my husband (we have babysitter come twice a week for us to go out). That’s when I dress up. My husband and I enjoy going out just 2 of us because it’s good for us having time together to keep our marriage hot. We also like to enjoy different cuisines and it’s a good chance for me to play with my fashion clothing.
This is how I look when I do activities at my kids’s school. So, I don’t think other moms think I’m into fashion. I wore F21 dress and legging.

Taking my kids to gymnastics. I wore Hollisters Co pants, Madewell tee. Do you remember Nastia Luikin who won an Olympic gold metal in Bejing? That’s her. Well, my kids do gymnastics at a small local gym. We went to WOGA for one hour training with her. This is a cool thing to do for my kids. When they grow up and look back and say “Thanks mom and dad. That’s cool”.

How long does it take to make your shoe collection? Will you collect the same volume each season and in the future?

It took years to collect my shoe collection. I started slowly at first. But the last year and this year, it has been speed up. My husband said “I deserve to expand my collection after nine years of being a good wife, good mother” and he supports me. I earned the credit, you know. I will probably slow down next season and in the future. But who knows, sometimes they are like vanilla ice-cream with chocolate chip and Oreo cookies. Most of them I waited for on sale. I did not have shoes collection when I was in high school or college. I love fashion whole my life but back then my parents are very conservative about education. All I did to show them I was good student with A+ and I attended two universities. I had no time for anything else except studying. When I moved here, I attended college again, and had a full time job. It was hard because I had to begin everything from zero. I remember the time I visited a high-end fashion store when I received my tax refund. My husband is a wonderful man who understands my passion for fashion and support me.

The secret to keep you slim since you have two kids?

This question was answered in the entry title ” Girls plays dress up”. Please, check that out.

These pictures took last night. The family went out for Italian Food. My kids refused to have pictures taking, they weren’t in good move for picture. I wore Fallon necklace, Alexander Wang tank (I wear this tank and Helmut Lang tank a lot, love their versatile), Marni skirt that I bought sometime long ago for $100 from original price over $1000 at 4510 store, Marni shoes also bought long time ago from last call at Neiman Marcus for about $250.

Wish everyone have a wonderful weekend!!!!xoxo…Hanh.

Girls play dress up

Thank you so much to everyone for the continuing support and your kind comments. I truly appreciate it and I read every comment. I’m getting busy with my kids now that summer has begun and I try my best to update my blog and visit your blog as well. Thank you Wrecked Stellar, The Little Fashion Treasury, and Dream Sequins for giving me the lovely blog award. I’m honored to accept it.


My girls love to go through my closet to play dress up with mommy’s shoes and clothing. When they do that, my closet looks like a tornado just went through. It’s cute because I can see how they are pairing things with their fashion sense, but it’s more work for mommy to clean up ;-). And, here is the evidence.

My 7 year old girl wore F21 hat, F21 sequin shirt, her legging, and 10 year old Valentino boots. The shirt is too big for her. So, I pinned the shoulders to shorten it.She’s pretty tall for her age and has long legs. That’s good for her. My five year old girl wore Prada hat, Urban Outfitters shirt, and Givenchy boots. The shirt is too big for her and that’s why she crossed her arm to cover her chest. Cute! Big sister wore a pink dress which was designed by little 5 year old sister and sewn by their paternal grandmotherHere is her sketch. She wanted to go to the fabric store for choosing fabric and made it into a dress.Many of you’ve asked me the secret of how to keep slim after having 2 kids. I frankly don’t have a big secret. I eat everything, but try to keep a balance and let myself become 90% full at every meal. I’m also lucky to have my mom’s gene who is 74 years old, had 11 kids, yet is still slim today. Thank you mom.This photo was taken last year.

Wishing you all a beautiful day!!! Hugs…from Hanh.

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