More DIY Projects

I went to vintage shop the other day and saw a French lace full skirt but its size was too big for me. I really love the lace of the skirt. So, I brought it home, gave it a new-cut (copied the cut of my pajama shorts), and made it into shorts.I truly love this DiY lace shorts. I can see styling it with my leopard Junya Watanabe top and Christopher Ross cheetah belt buckle. I’ll probably share this look later.

Here is the DiY black lace shorts.
I also bought some white lace fabric to make a pair of gloves.This is the Christopher Ross hummingbird belt buckle which I purchased at Crimson In The City online vintage store. The bird is just so cute. I wore Cosabella white lace corset, was about 9 or 10 years old (I had the black one too, remember?). Over the corset is white mesh bodysuit from Urban Outfitters.In this look, there’s a lot of lace. I wanted it different and sweet, delicate and feminine, just like a hummingbird.Dolce & Gabbana Inspiration.
In this fall season, I love every ensemble of Dolce & Gabbana on the runway. It’s my inspiration of this fall. I can see that I could pair many pieces in my closet to get the Dolce & Gabbana fall look. Yes, go wild in your outfit with contrasting animal patterns is a major must-have of this fall. Pairing my DIY polka dot skirt with leopard Junya Watanabe top and Christopher Ross cheetah belt buckle. The skirt still need a final touch. I can’t wait to share this look. It will be a hot outfit :)Thank you everyone for visiting and comments!

Wishing you all a fabulous day!! Kisses…Hanh 😉

DIY Draped Top

Here is a quick post about my DIY draped vest/top.
For my size, I used 3 and 1/2 yards of soft, light fabric which it gives a nice draping look. Fold the fabric into half, then mark it in the middle. I also leave the fabric edge raw. Now, wear it over your neck as a scarf. The middle mark has to be right in the middle of your neck. Then, you hold the two corners of the fabric like in the picture.

Now, connect the two corners of the fabric like in the picture.
After that, you connect that to the middle of your scarf like in the picture below. Make sure the connection is at the top edge to give a strong holding of the rest of the fabric. Ensure this connection by sewing or a pin. If you use a pin, you could undo the pin. So, you can use this fabric like a scarf later on.Now, this is how it looks in the front with a belt.The draping of the side. Sorry for the blury picture.In the back.You could wear it without a belt. This is how it looks.This DiY top is easy to do and very versatile. You could style it with shorts, leggings, jeans, skirt or dress.
Thank you everyone for visiting and comments!
Have a nice day! Hugs…Hanh 😉

Sewing is Fun

On Christmas 08, I gave my kids a sewing machine toy. It’s the cutest toy and actually works like a real one. They love and enjoy to sew every time when we bring out the machines to play. My kids have come up with many ideas and projects. It is actually great for their creative mind and handwork. They always have fun with their projects, and I enjoy seeing my kids have fun.

My big girl does great with sewing.
She was making a pink pillow with a little help of grandma.Here is the pillow. My little girl pretended to sleep to enjoy the new pillow. ” Please excuse my mouth from being a little messy from my snack!”….My little girl with her machine. She was sewing a quilt for her doll.Here is their work. The leopard dress with red belt on the doll is my little girl’s work. It was her idea to choose colors for the dress and the quilt. My big girl made the pink heart mini hand bag for me by hand sewing. Sweet!The red/green book mark was made by the big girl. My little girl loves to make clothing for her doll. Yeah, She made the blue/yellow dress, but she didn’t sew this time. She actually just wrapped the material around the doll, and secured it with the belt. Oh, she changed her mind that the doll’s quilt became art and it should be framed. Don’t you love this sewing machine toy? It is so adorable, but it’s little hard to work with.While this one is simple and easy to work with.MORE RANDOM PICTURES OF THE KIDS.My little girl was ready for her show at school. She played a puppy. So cute!My big girl read her science report in her classroom. She loves science.
And now time for my ballerinas.
This is my big ballerina. Look at her pose! very impressive!
Here is my little ballerina.For now, I should go to bed. Good night!!
Thank you for visiting and comments! Wish you all a wonderful day ahead!!
Big hugs…Hanh;-)

Alexander Wang Leather Vest

Hi everyone,I hope you all are doing well. It was slow updating my blog last week because I was under the weather. It wasn’t fun to have a bad cold, but I feel much better now. A big thank you to everyone for your continuing support and comments. It really makes my day delightful. I feel bad that I haven’t recently visited your sites as often as I would like. I hope you all understand that I have a busy schedule with my family, and I try my best to update my blog. Thank you so much for your understanding 😉In this post, I’d like to share with you some pictures were taken before my cold. It’s so exciting that I bought this Alexander Wang leather vest at a big sale at Barney’s online, a couple of weeks ago.

Wearing with Club Monaco black turtle neck top, Row leather leggings, Sam Edelman boots, Isabel Marant necklace, no brand leather cuffs.
Wearing with DIY skirt.
You’ve probably seen me wearing this DIY skirt before that I made sometime ago. I really love and enjoy wearing this skirt. I have many DIY design-clothing projects but I’m so lazy to make it happen. Sewing requires time and patience, especially if you are not great at sewing. Well, I hope to make it happen some day and share it here with you.
Design of this skirt is in two layers, but I just wore one outer layer for this look.

Jose & Maria Barrera necklace.
The skull gold leather cuff is by Candice Marks. I’m fastinated with The Woods bracelet because of its charms.
Burberry studded shoes.

This is what the skirt looks like with two layers. Click here for tutoring. Thank you for reading. Wishing you all a wonderful day!!!

Big hugs…Hanh;-)

Rick Owens Jacket with Blue Scarf

Hi everyone,Thank you very much for your Xmas wishes. I hope you all had a wonderful time with your family and friends on the Christmas holiday, and Santa brought lots of presents to you all. I know that he did for my kids and he brought for me a fabulous umbrella which is the only present that I wished for. I love this Louis Vuitton umbrella, it’s more glamorous than I expected. I just wanted to have a nice umbrella and big enough to keep me out of the rain. Thank you sweet Santa!
This blue scarf from Club Monaco is one of my favorite scarves in my closet, its color is perfectly pops out in winter time. Wearing with Rick Owens strong-shoulders leather jacket, the Row leggings, Zara black turtle neck, Yohji grey top.

Pierre Hardy shoes.

Rick Owens jacket is something that I can never say no to. I’m just crazy about his jacket creations. Again, I style it with the Row leggings (these leggings are such a great investment piece, they look fab on and I’ve worn them countless times. It’s worth it to buy), Phillip Lim black turtle neck and Zara creamy sleeveless dress.
I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend!!
Kisses…Hanh 😉
PS: The gloves in both outfits are no brand and DIY cut-out to be fingerless gloves

Purple Girl // Zipper Piece

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Purple Girl

Last Saturday was my little girl’s birthday, she turned 6 years old. She is cute and silly, an easy going person. She loves dancing, playing dress-up in my closet, drawing and mixing color. Her favorite color is purple. She’s very good at numbers, creative and art. I’m proud of her and very happy. We celebrated her birthday with her classmates in classroom on Friday, one day before her birthday. She and her teacher made a chocolate cake ( her favorite color) and she of course wanted her cake in not just purple, but vampire purple, because Halloween is coming and “please, mix dark blue and red for vampire purple which is dark and a dull purple color”, she explained to the teacher.

Enjoyed the cake.

After having the cake, all her friend and she got purple lips, reddish teeth.On Saturday morning, her actual birthday, she woke up and told me she wanted to curl her hair, and wore her dress that she designed last year. She also wanted to have pancakes with candles on them, chocolate milk and chocolate mouse pudding for breakfast which all are her favorite foods. After that, her friends and she went to roller-skate for the celebration. She truly enjoyed and had happy birthday!

This is her sketch of the dress.
And sewing by grandma.We also have a family tradition of eating Oreo ice-cream cake. Everyone in the family has Oreo-ice-cream cake for their birthday.ZIPPER PIECE

First, let all of us congratulate PUNKIE to be the winner this time. I would love to say thank you to everyone for your continuing support and sweet comments that encourage me a lot to make this blog better and better everyday. Many of you said “can’t wait for the coming 1000th post”, and actually me either. The 1000th post seems too far from now, but I surely can make it with your help. So, please encourage me by continuing your support, your comment, and tell your friends about my site. I gratefully appreciate what you’re doing here for my blog…and please stay tuned for another give-away gift coming soon.

Second, let talk about zipper piece. When I was walking around Soho, on my last trip to NY. I saw this zipper shoulders piece/vest displayed in front of a local boutique (sorry for not looking at the name of the store because of the distraction from this piece) and I tried on, and I love it. Here I am !!!wore it with Haider Ackermann zipper silk dress which was on sale at the store called Seven in Soho. This zipper shoulders piece is handmade, designed by SOHUNG DESIGN in NY.

Ysl pumps, Ferragamo clutch.

Have a wonderful day to you all!!!!!

Love, Hanh;-)

Black White Silver

I like to wear outfits with black-white-silver; black-white-grey; black-white-metallic gunmetal. These are my favorite color combination because of giving a edgy look, a cool modern attitude.
I wore black MMMargiela top, white F21 tank underneath, old black pants, silver Burberry pumps.
F21 necklace. I really love this structure MMMargiela top. I could be wrapped in two different ways for two different shoulders looks as you see in those pictures above and the pictures below. The DIY fur cuff that I made it long ago, from left over of my Marni lamb fur jacket.Last night, the weather in Dallas was very pleasant with beautiful breeze. It’s a perfect night to seating outside in the balcony, having cigars and after-dinner drink. My hubby doesn’t smoke cigarette but once in awhile he enjoys cigars. We don’t usually go out on Sunday night, but last night was exception. We had sweet fun time. This picture just captured our great moment.
Wishing everyone have a pleasant day!!!! and thank you to you all for your time to visit my blog. I truly appreciate it as always.
Big hugs…..Hanh;-)
ps: In the last post, I wore Giorgio Armani sunglasses.

The Skirt

I wore Tao by CdG top over F21 tank, DIY skirt, MMMargiela cow boy boots.

I made this skirt sometime long ago. Every time, I wear it and I need three pins to make it happen. I just need to add buttons but I never do for some reason. I never have sewing lesson but I love to sew and sometimes make clothing for me and my kids. I just do it. Anyway, this is the direction. This skirt has two layers and three sheer pieces of fabric.

The first inside layer needs 1 and 1/2 yards ( it depends on your waist if it needs more or less fabric). You measure your length and cut unnecessary fabric away ( make sure you have some fabric for a hem). You gather fabric at your waist like in the pic. At the seam, do not sew all the way up, and leave a few inches open, so you can add buttons and it can go through your hip.
The second layer is the outer layer. You need about 2 and 1/2 yards ( again, it depends on your waist and fullness of the skirt to tell if you need more or less fabric). For me, I fold fabric three times. Then gather at the waist line. This layer does not need to go all around like in the pic.
For the third piece of fabric, you need 1 and 1/2 yards. You fold it two times. This time, you gather two ends of the length. Now, you sew one end into the front waist of the outer layer, as you see the outer layer in the pic above, and the other end into back waist of the outer layer to complete your waist line. You need buttons here to attach it together at the waist. This piece hangs like in the pic.
Now, it needs another button to attach it into your waist line.
The skirt.
You could wear it with belt.
I hope my directions make sense and the pictures will help. Wishing you all have a fantastic day!!

Black and White

I was playing around online and happened upon they sell art prints. Here some interesting prints I like.

Painted Face by Munoz.
I love her bangles, interesting mask and painted hair. Her ears must be painful to strech out like that .
Plantom No.18 by Elisa Lazo De Valdez.
This one is kind of spooky. New York 1959 by Robert Mottar.
Do you see thousands of people standing in the building ?.
I wore vintage white top, Fendi belt, DIY legging, Guseppi cage boots.

Close-up the boots.I wore F21 shorts underneath MARNI white top with TAO ruffle cape over, Givenchy boots.

Have a fabulous weekend to you all !!! ;-))

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